Hi darlings!

Here in LA we have a saying: “Any woman can be a porn star.”

I think this is a little much.

However, if you analyze what it is trying to say, you realize that there is not only much reality behind it, but much reality as well. In essence, the saying means this: inside every woman, there is a sexual goddess. There is sexuality in every woman. And every woman has the right, and the ability, to explore, embrace, and flaunt this part of herself.


But not every woman does. In fact dear reader (as you may know) most women can’t even think of themselves as beautiful, nonetheless sexy.

Hedley, me, and the team at The Boudoir Cafe thinks this is a real problem.

Women deserve to feel gorgeous, to feel sexy. They should be able to look in the mirror and say: “Yes, I look good.” They should be able to walk down the street the same way. They should feel this way naked, clothed, or in between.

The Boudoir Cafe is devoted to making every woman discover this part of herself, and embrace this part of herself.


Here at The Boudoir Cafe, we know it takes a lot of courage to do a boudoir photoshoot. A lot of women call us scared of the whole process. I want to tell you that there is absolutely nothing you should be scared about! The Boudoir Cafe is committed to making you feel comfortable, pampered, and beautiful. Me, Hedley, and our Boudoir Cafe team talk with you, coach you, and give you what is essentially a whole spa treatment before even taking a camera out. And you are also present for choosing the photos, and making editorial remarks. You have complete control over the process — and that is exactly how we want it. We want you to feel powerful. With power comes confidence, and with confidence comes that sexiness that has been hiding in you all this time.

Perhaps there is not a porn star in every woman; but The Boudoir Cafe does believe that there is a boudoir goddess in every woman. It just takes a boudoir photoshoot to let it out.