August 2017

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06 Aug 2017


WHAT YOU NEED FOR A SUCCESSFUL BOUDOIR SHOOT There are always things that look amazing on film and so I thought I would write this blog to explain how it works…. Certain props and attitudes have to come with you on the day of…. My first recommendation whoever you shoot with is to get professional makeup…Makeup artists are just that Artists…They spend their life thinking about how to make you beautiful and the best products and contouring…..which is good for all of us…LOL… Boudoir photography is all about being sexy and beautiful so when you pick the photographer make sure you feel comfortable with them and feel they can do for you what you want…. It is an experience like no other…I will transform you and make you feel like the sexy thing you were meant to feel….This is a gift for yourself and your partner….It will end up being the thing that is looked at the most by both of you….for years to come….. So when picking outfits for the shoot the key is do you feel sexy and beautiful in it…Remember and outfit could be nude too…There are those women who totally feel sexy nude and why not…We…

01 Aug 2017


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BOOKING A BOUDOIR SESSION WITH US!! IT IS TOTALLY OK TO BE NERVOUS....Most girls are because after all most of us are not in front of the camera for a living...!!  Also you are going outside of your comfort zone!  I promise you that once you get to our studio and talk to us for a few minutes the nervousness will totally disappear and it will blend into OMG I am having the time of my life!!! 2.   YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LOSE 5 - 10 POUNDS TO DO THIS SHOOT!! We ALL have hot spots that we do not like and if you are in a session with a great photographer they will know what areas are of concern and posing will take care of that in a flash!!  Also picking the right lingerie is important as well!! BUT posing with a pro is the key!!   3.  DRESS HOW YOU ARE!! If you love sexy revealing lingerie shoot in that BUT if you are an old shirt kind of girl wear that!! 4. PHOTOSHOP THAT OUT PLEASE!   Want you all to know that photoshop cannot take out everything!! And…