March 2016

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30 Mar 2016


Empower Yourself with a Boudoir or Portrait Photo Shoot Society seems overloaded with images and ideas what it means to look perfect, sexy and beautiful. Just because you are not a size 2 or weigh a certain amount doesn’t make you any less beautiful than another person. Beauty is so much more than skin deep; it is our personalities, experiences, self-confidence and outlook on life that truly makes us beautiful. While this concept is often easier said than done, there are many ways to feel beautiful again. Sit up straight and walk with proper posture. There was a study done by the European Journal of Social Psychology that found subjects who sat up straight in their chairs were more confident. Think about it, if boosted confidence is a factor of feeling beautiful and slouching decreases confidence…you should stop slouching! Find the things you love about yourself and focus on those features. When you draw attention away from your “flaws” and focus on your best attributes, you will see your own beauty easier than if you were to focus on your “flaws”. For the record, flaws are only flaws if you make them into something negative. Yes, it is that easy!…

06 Mar 2016


The Boudoir Café, Cherie & Hedley could not be more excited to be on the stage with a photo legend Yervant for the Graphi Studio/Yervant Photography Symposium, with some of the without a doubt great photographers in the photo world!!......And then they invited us!!! We cannot wait to speak about our Boudoir photography and our techniques and insights to what we do and how we do it in Seattle presenting on July 19th at the Alexis Hotel ~ 1007 First Street, Seattle.... It will really be a ground breaking group on this 6 city tour that Yervant and his partner in life and in business Anie are hosting along with the amazing album company all the way for Venice, Italy.....Some of the best photographers making some of the most amazing and creative albums and artwork on the planet!! Industy greats such as Yervant & Anie who have been inspiring and wowing us with their beautiful and sexy wedding fashion imagery, Joe Buissink the Beverly Hills Celebrity photographer, Dixie Dixon the Nikon Ambassador and sweetheart, Sue Bryce the Portrait Queen and Fashion Guru Lindsay Adler to name a few..... Here is all the info and we cannot wait to see you there!!!…