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June 2015 • The Boudoir Café

June 2015


Hello all! I hope you have had a wonderful and lovely week. I just wanted to share a piece of gifting advice for those special someones out there getting married: We recently did an interview with The Plunge, the #1 wedding planning website for men. We talked to them a little bit about boudoir photography, and why it’s a preeeetty good idea for their lady to do a boudoir shoot as a groom gift. So we just thought we’d let …

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Hi loves! As you know, father’s day is coming up this Sunday and I just wanted to do a special post in honor of the holiday. What could be a better gift for the daddy of your love-child than an intimate, boudoir photograph from The Boudoir Cafe? We all know pregnancy changes a woman’s body. Physically and emotionally, we are forever changed every single time we become pregnant. Remember that feeling in the last trimester? How you were just bloated, …

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Nikon ~ ImageChaser just did an amazing spotlight on The Boudoir Cafe!! We had an amazing time speaking about the work our team is doing. We are truly proud to give you some of the best in boudoir photography. We all believe we have found our passion, inspiration, and love of our life doing this work. See what all the hubub is about by checking out the article at!! xoxo Cherie Check out more about our signature Cherie Shot in the …

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Emotional connection!!! Hello darlings! This is Cherie again, with some important info about the process of boudoir photography for you. It’s about what goes on emotionally as you take a boudoir photograph. Some women come into the process scared, or nervous. And I want to make it known that you don’t have to be — at all. You already have the tools and strength to create a stunning photograph inside you. You may just not have known it yet. When …

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