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Each client has her own reason for wanting to pose for a boudoir session. And every now and then I get a client who hires me, and she is doing the shoot purely for her own pleasure, empowerment and memories. She wants to have the photos for her own appreciation of who she is, right now, at this special point in her life-whatever that may be. I love shooting those sessions so much. Photo Albums! The fantastic thing about photo …

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IT IS THAT TIME OF YEAR!  It’s Time for your Wedding Boudoir photoshoot in the amazing city of Las Vegas. Spring and summer are the time people so often get married.  So many have summer time holidays and we get to remember what the warm sun feels like! Especially if you come to Las Vegas! It’s a great time for taking it all off and enjoying life in the sexy lane! Be wild, be crazy, be relaxed! It’s time to …

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In these days of really fast changes and memories going by so fast, and with the explosion of short videos for social media, I am really thrilled to be a still photographer; don’t get me wrong, I find myself shooting more and more videos for clients who are asking for it but it also forces me to make more compelling images that tell a story — emotional portraits. This is what we try to portray with our Boudoir Café images. Cherie and …

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Best Boudoir Photographers Los Angeles

Here at The Boudoir Café, we are very excited that through our photography we also work on empowering the women that we shoot. We know that most of the photos on our website look like models but the truth is they are just regular women of all backgrounds and sizes!!  From start to finish we pamper our clients make them feel totally beautiful. From our expert makeup artists to picking the finished very high end products it is all a …

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We have been shooting a lot and posting so little 🙁   Sorry, w e’ve been uber busy making artwork of our amazing clientele and sending it all over the world! Such an exciting thing to do includes creating iconic images for our girls and then making art of them to be printed and placed on many a fabulous wall around the globe. We have been shooting so many new clients and interesting things are from couples boudoir to many …

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