July 2015

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30 Jul 2015


Everyone knows that there's nothing more fun than that last "single" night out with your girls... But what if you could make it more fun? Boudoir photoshoots are a great addition to your bachelorette party! Our team at The Boudoir Cafe has hosted so many bachelorette boudoir photo shoots -- and all have been full of giggles, with the sexiest photos as the outcome.   Think about it: you are at your most comfortable with your girls. You tell them everything (even probably things that your future-hubby doesn't know about) and you all know each other so well. How many times have you guys laughed -- and cried -- over a bottle of wine and a bucket of ice cream, in your undies? Exactly. It's countless. Hedley, my team and I love bachelorette parties for that singular reason: all the participants are not only comfortable, but are excited to do the boudoir shoot! Everyone there is laughing, trying different poses, and feeling sexy. It's a vibe that you can't get anywhere else. With your girls cheering you on -- and you cheering them on -- it's a part of the bachelorette party you won't forget. Actually, you definitely won't! Because…

23 Jul 2015


Hi loves! Hedley and our team at The Boudoir Cafe had the ultimate pleasure and privilege to be interviewed by Rangefinder Magazine for their July/August Issue. We have been featured in one of their cover stories!! The section, "Finding Your Voice in Bold, Beautiful Boudoir" even opens with a very special CherieFoto! For those of you who don't know, Rangerfinder Magazine is the official publication of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, and is an award-winning photography magazine. We are extremely humbled to have been chosen by them as one of the top 3 voices in boudoir. Hedley, me, and The Boudoir Team would like to thank Rangefinder, and all of you bold, beautiful individuals who have fallen in love with boudoir photography with us, and have shared so many of our special experiences. This is certainly one of them. You can find our feature here, and the entire issue here. The issue also features a section on boudoir tips, tricks, and trends! So it's worth checking out if you're thinking about coming in for a session at The Boudoir Cafe... and we certainly hope you are!! We would love if you could take a look. It has been an amazing…

16 Jul 2015


Hello all my lovely ladies of all shapes, sizes, genders, and abilities! The power of boudoir is that it recognizes the beauty in every woman. Because every woman is beautiful. The team at The Boudoir Cafe has had the pleasure of working with plus size girls -- of which we say: Plus Size? How about natural, normal, gorgeous size. Though the industry has coined the term "Plus Size," we don't necessarily believe in it, because it implies that this is a specific category of girl recognized for her beauty apart from a norm unhealthily established by the industry. Girls can be -- and should be -- any size or shape they want, whatever size or shape their body is naturally. Because natural is beautiful. Hedley, the team, and I believe in body empowerment, in positive body outlook. This is part of what makes our job at The Boudoir Cafe feel less like a job, and more like a purpose enjoyably fulfilled. We have found our passion in boudoir photography because it shows every girl that they are beautiful, they are sexy -- and most of all, that those two things come from being uniquely themselves. Boudoir is freeing, it is…

14 Jul 2015


There's this common misconception that boudoir photography is only for younger women. It's so wrong it's ridiculous. It's assuming that only young women can be sexy, that only young women can be beautiful. SO wrong. Older woman are just as -- or even more beautiful than -- the young woman you think you see plastered all over the media. Older women doing boudoir photography is something Hedley, my team, and I at The Boudoir Cafe have personal experience with. And we see it often. Honestly, older women doing boudoir makes sense! They have more experience, they have known their bodies longer. They know how they look, how they move, how they feel sexy. And, if they have been with their partner for a long time, they know what they're looking for as well. The Boudoir Cafe knows that, as far as boudoir wedding photos, young women are certainly not the only women getting married. Older women are making special gifts out of these photos for their future hubby. And they're loving doing it!! And Hedley and our team -- we're enjoying seeing these women have fun, feel beautiful, and feel good about making a very special gift. Truly, it's important…

10 Jul 2015


Hi wonderful world and beautiful readers! We had the total pleasure of hosting four beautiful Korean women today to do a photo shoot for one of the girls. Hany was amazing and her friends came along to help her to make her fell loved and pampered during this process and experience!! Well to tell you the truth it was an amazing afternoon -- all the girls had an absolute blast!! This really made me think of something that is important to us at The Boudoir Cafe: making sure all cultures feel comfortable in their own skin, wherever they are. In this country, we have this great right of freedom, and such a huge amount of acceptance. The final passage of marriage equality shows how we are making leaps of tolerance. But I want to talk about more than tolerance here. I want to talk about cultural pride, loving one's own skin because of the heritage, ethnicity, and history you own in yourself. The Boudoir Cafe -- Hedley, me, and our team -- love seeing girls' cultures show through in their photographs. It is a part of them; and not only that, it is a part of them that makes them…

09 Jul 2015


Bonjour mon cheri! Currently we are located in Los Angeles, CA where we are available for sessions on most weekdays and weekends as well. However, Hedley and I also semi regularly travel to Paris, France to do boudoir sessions as well. The word "boudoir" originally comes from the French word for a woman's private dressing room. In essence, boudoir photography done everywhere aims to capture this sensual moment where a woman is alone and feels beautiful. However, the glamour of boudoir can be attributed to its French origins. This is why Paris, as a boudoir photography location, is so essential. When we do boudoir photo shoots in Paris we keep in mind these three things: our own unique commitment to pampering; Parisian culture/lifestyle; and Paris as a historical landmark. Our Commitment: as always, Hedley and the team at The Boudoir Cafe take time to make you feel comfortable and gorgeous. Hair, makeup, and accessories are all provided. We take care of every inch of you, assisting in bringing out your inner vixen. Parisian Culture & Lifestyle: the Parisian woman is the very definition of class and culture. She is suave, sophisticated, effervescent and effortless. When we do a boudoir shoot…