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05 Sep 2015


Hi darlings! Here in LA we have a saying: "Any woman can be a porn star." I think this is a little much. However, if you analyze what it is trying to say, you realize that there is not only much reality behind it, but much reality as well. In essence, the saying means this: inside every woman, there is a sexual goddess. There is sexuality in every woman. And every woman has the right, and the ability, to explore, embrace, and flaunt this part of herself. But not every woman does. In fact dear reader (as you may know) most women can't even think of themselves as beautiful, nonetheless sexy. Hedley, me, and the team at The Boudoir Cafe thinks this is a real problem. Women deserve to feel gorgeous, to feel sexy. They should be able to look in the mirror and say: "Yes, I look good." They should be able to walk down the street the same way. They should feel this way naked, clothed, or in between. The Boudoir Cafe is devoted to making every woman discover this part of herself, and embrace this part of herself. Here at The Boudoir Cafe, we know it takes…

27 Aug 2015


Hi fabulous women of the world! Feminism is often confused with the eras of suffragist voting rights, bra-burning, and the fight for birth control. And while these ideas are important to keep in mind, the modern, third wave of feminism is something we must understand and pay attention to. In essence, third-wave feminism is marked by the goal of complete gender equality between men and women in the 21st century and beyond. That means equal pay in the workplace and equal treatment of men and women in every sphere -- including the right to have the freedom of sexual expression that men have had for centuries, while women were repressed in this sector. Yes, women's bodies have been admired and lusted over by both men and women alike since the beginning of time. But what this essentially comes down to is the fact that the semi- or full-nudity of women has in effect turned a woman's body into an object, a statue of lust. You can see it today on magazines, runways, billboards, television shows and movies; and unfortunately much of the women we personally know in our generation, including young girls. Females are pressured to keep a certain "appealing"…

The best lashes on the planet, Best Lashes LA!!
The best lashes on the planet, Best Lashes LA!!
20 Aug 2015


Hi boudoir beauties! As you may know, The Boudoir Cafe does a full hair and makeup session just for you before your boudoir photoshoot. During makeup, one question Hedley, me, and our makeup artiste always get asked is, "Where in the world do you, and the girls you photograph, get such long, full, amazing lashes?" Usually, for most boudoir photo sessions, our team at The Boudoir Cafe sees girls come in asking for fake lashes; or have gotten eyelash extensions beforehand (especially if it's for a special occasion like a wedding.) Our makeup artiste personally prefers the fake eyelashes. They add volume and sexiness in a pinch! You can bat those beauties at the camera for hours! But, while both fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions have both been on the market for quite a while (and have some proven great results -- as you can see from many of our photos) they do have their downsides. The thing about these two products is: 1. Fake lashes are just that: fake. They are glued on, and they fall off. Yes, they will stay on for the duration of your shoot (and probably for the rest of the day); and The Boudoir…

14 Aug 2015


Hi loves! The Boudoir Cafe team always gets asked this question: what is the difference between pin-up and boudoir? Understandably, it's easy to get confused between pin-up and boudoir. They are both sexy, tasteful photographs done in a fun photoshoot environment, and they are both meant to help you find that sexy side of yourself. Except there are a few key differences between pin-up and boudoir. When we say pin-up, we are taken back to the early 1900's, when these photos first became popular. As a result of the sexual repression of the previous eras -- and the dawning of this first sexually-accepting one -- pin-up photos became popular. "Pin-up" refers to photos of women that are meant to be pinned up on walls, to be admired. It was burlesque performers who first started this trend of posing for pin-up photos, in order to advertise themselves. The pin-up photos of course did not bare too much nudity, as this was still a taboo. The girls were mostly clothed (though the outfits are noticeably tight and formfitting) and were usually in a playful pose; and instead used a certain glance (usually one of surprise) to signify the true, underlying meaning of…

02 Jan 2015


We wanted everyone to know that we have a few goodies that are now available in the studio  ~ so not to worry if you are having trouble shopping or deciding or finding the time to get everything for the shoot.... We offer a few choice accessories and now these items are available to purchase in the studio for any shoot. They are fabulous and photograph amazingly well  and of course we are experts at posing and lighting for any body type put in front of our special skinny lenses....!!!   We have a tips sheet we send as well when you book your session to make it very easy to get ready for your photo shoot......  

14 Aug 2014


Weddings and Boudoir Photography Los Angeles....So why is this combination working so well and this trend is growing faster than anything I have seen for many years......About 75% of our girls that we see are getting married and this is well face it the most amazing gift that a Bride can give to a Groom on the wedding night. Or anytime for that matter. So get on board girls. It is one of the most memorable things you will ever do and you will have those images for a lifetime. Ask any 50 year old girl if they wish they would have done pics like this when they were 25-50 and they will all say the same thing. OMG yes wish I had done that. Bridal Boudoir Photography here in Los Angles is just about the most fun a girl can have. Read our yelp listings for Cheriefoto or The Boudoir Cafe. We are pleased to say we have a 5 star Yelp listing with over 60 reviews. These are for Weddings, Portraits and Boudoir.....So get with it and come in to see us and have the experieince of a lifetime...You will always remember the day you did these images....I…