March 2023

boudoir photography

Boudoir Photography to Unleash your Inner Goddess

The Power of Boudoir Photography Do you feel like you don’t look or feel sexy enough? Have you been searching for a way to express yourself and celebrate your body? Perhaps you should consider booking a high-end boudoir photo session! Boudoir photography has the power to unleash your confidence and allow you to express yourself freely in a safe and elegant environment. Preparing for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot The first step in preparing for a boudoir photo shoot is finding …

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las vegas luxury boudoir photographers

Las Vegas Luxury Boudoir Photographers

Top 10 Las Vegas Luxury Boudoir Photographers Peerspace has named The Boudoir Café in their list of ‘Top 10’ Las Vegas luxury boudoir photographers! Although we are one of the ‘most well-known boudoir studios in the United States’, Las Vegas is our most popular location for boudoir sessions! The fact that it has a major airport based centrally to the rest of the U.S.A., Mexico & Canada makes it easy to access by direct flights. Also, there are flight …

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boudoir photographer

Boudoir Session: Why we include professional hair & make-up!

I strongly advocate that professional make-up and hair should always be included in the cost of any boudoir studio session. Some clients want to save money, but cutting costs here will end up costing more on retouching after the shoot. Or, we might end up with less impressive results when looking over the final images. As professional boudoir photographers, we don’t want to risk leaving anything to chance while preparing for your boudoir shoot. We want to do whatever we …

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fine art nude boudoir photography

Erotic & Nude Boudoir Photography For Fine-Art

Looking for some new artwork to fill some wall space and liven up your home? Why not surround yourself with art that reminds you of your best qualities? With nude boudoir photography, you can create beautiful fine art that is totally unique to you – making it the perfect gift for yourself or someone special. Book a boudoir photoshoot and create an amazing piece of art that you can admire for years to come! You’ll never regret it. A boudoir …

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best boudoir photographers

Best Boudoir Outfits for YOUR Body Type

Are you planning on doing a boudoir photo shoot and not sure what to wear? This is one of the most common questions clients ask us. Whether you’re looking for a classic, edgy, or romantic look, finding the right outfit can be overwhelming. Understanding your body type is key to feeling confident in front of the camera and getting the most flattering images. We truly believe all women are beautiful. So we’ve compiled some tips to help women of all …

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