to scared to do a boudoir shoot think again


Hi darlings! Here in LA we have a saying: “Any woman can be a porn star.” I think this is a little much. However, if you analyze what it is trying to say, you realize that there is not only much reality behind it, but much reality as well. In essence, the saying means this: inside every woman, there is a sexual goddess. There is sexuality in every woman. And every woman has the right, and the ability, to explore, …

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Emotional connection!!! Hello darlings! This is Cherie again, with some important info about the process of boudoir photography for you. It’s about what goes on emotionally as you take a boudoir photograph. Some women come into the process scared, or nervous. And I want to make it known that you don’t have to be — at all. You already have the tools and strength to create a stunning photograph inside you. You may just not have known it yet. When …

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