Hi fabulous women of the world!

Feminism is often confused with the eras of suffragist voting rights, bra-burning, and the fight for birth control. And while these ideas are important to keep in mind, the modern, third wave of feminism is something we must understand and pay attention to.

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In essence, third-wave feminism is marked by the goal of complete gender equality between men and women in the 21st century and beyond. That means equal pay in the workplace and equal treatment of men and women in every sphere — including the right to have the freedom of sexual expression that men have had for centuries, while women were repressed in this sector.

Yes, women’s bodies have been admired and lusted over by both men and women alike since the beginning of time. But what this essentially comes down to is the fact that the semi- or full-nudity of women has in effect turned a woman’s body into an object, a statue of lust. You can see it today on magazines, runways, billboards, television shows and movies; and unfortunately much of the women we personally know in our generation, including young girls. Females are pressured to keep a certain “appealing” body in order to be admired, sought after, even — awfully enough — bought.

So where does the boudoir photography trend and The Boudoir Cafe fit into this? Indeed, boudoir photography is a contemporary trend sweeping across the nation. Initially, people looked at this form of semi-nude artwork as something unacceptable. But this conceptual understanding of boudoir is entirely incorrect.

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The Boudoir Cafe celebrates boudoir photography as the freedom of sexual expression that women deserve. Me, Hedley, and our team at The Boudoir Cafe are proud to celebrate boudoir as a form of beautiful, contemporary artwork that encourages women to accept their bodies as they naturally are, and be proud to live in the skin they were given. The Boudoir Cafe stresses the point that all photographs taken are for the woman in them. Boudoir Cafe photos are artwork with which the subject can do whatever they like. But, the act of taking boudoir photographs (as well as the final result) is, at its foundation, meant to support the emotional well-being of the woman engaging in the act.

Every service we provide at The Boudoir Cafe is meant to encourage women to love every part of themselves. We pamper, do hair and makeup, provide flattering accessories, coach the most flattering and beguiling poses and positions and facial expressions. We show you the most gorgeous, glamorous parts of themselves that you may never have known existed.

Truly, boudoir is meant to show every woman that she can be pretty, hot, beautiful, sexy and everything in between just by being who she is. Just by unlocking that confident side of themselves that says, “Yes, I am perfect exactly the way I am.”


Boudoir photography here at The Boudoir Cafe is honestly a life-changing experience. Hedley, me, and our team help you unleash a whole side of yourself that you may never have known existed. A powerful, feminist side. You walk out of our Boudoir Cafe studio knowing that, with the strength and prowess you just exhibited, you can conquer anything you set your mind to. You leave The Boudoir Cafe studio knowing that you are not only equal to any man, you are their superior. You have a body and mind; physical and mental attractiveness that will get you anywhere and anything you want. You are not an object. You are a human being. A human being so beautiful that you have just turned yourself into art. Your are a living, breathing, piece of art that can rule the world just by your physical presence on this Earth.

Go and get ’em tiger,


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