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So Much To Do in Las Vegas! Come Get Sexy With Us and See the Sites

They call it “SinCity.”  Traditionally, people came to Las Vegas to gamble or to get married, but the city has grown to become one of the most famous cities in the world! A favorite for every kind of vacationer, it’s one of the top-rated cities for “foodies” as Vegas is blessed with countless world-renowned chefs that will blow your mind. Not only does it boast the largest collection of stage plays and live music in the world, it’s the hottest …

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High Heels and Accessories for a Boudoir Photoshoot

After many years of collecting wonderful accessories, we have so many to share with our clients!  When you come to shoot with The Boudoir Café, we love to have you take advantage of all of our goodies — the most awesome accessories! — to make you look and feel so sexy, so-intoxicatingly erotic, beautiful, and awesome! Our closet is your closet!  Let us help you design the drama, theatrics, and all-possibilities erotic style that you may have only fantasized about …

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I know we do not write a lot about ourselves but the times are changing! We are old school and it was not cool to talk about our accomplishments but those are the old days. These are the new world!! So I am going to talk about ourselves and that means myself and my adorable husband who is my partner in life and in out Boudoir Cafe Boudoir boutique photography business. We are passionate photographers that love making women feel …

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The reason every girl needs to do a boudoir shoot is to have that time to reset the sexy button on their life and remember that being a woman is the greatest gift in life that can be given. We have been revered throughout history since the beginning! Women have somehow lost their way and because history is now a thing of the past and no one seems to care the ideas and concepts that women are the amazing creatures …

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