October 2014

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24 Oct 2014


Well we had the most fabulous call a few weeks ago from an amazing husband and father that wanted to do something special for his wife. One of those Beverly Hills housewives that has everything!! Well he found us and the party began. Peter was a Dad and Husband and had this idea for his Wife that was really so speical that we had to write about it. He got it. He got this entire Boudoir , pampering, princess for a day thing. He also got the idea that he was going to pick his wife up after the shoot and take her to a nice dinner and then home hopefully to bed. He knew he was going to get photos of his wife and that she will look different than she had ever looked. That the 3 kids and the years of being a mom was going to be in the back ground. We were going to bring back her sexy and Peter was willing to pay for that. It was a spa boudoir day. Not going to a spa for a sauna and facial where you come home and want to cuddle down into bed because you are…

20 Oct 2014


We had the total pleasure of being asked to help an animal rescue program called Shelter Hope . Dani the PR woman and co Founder of Shelter Hope was in a meeting to talk fund raising and the idea of calendar came up....Hey lets get naked and do a calendar for the rescue work we do!!! Well Dani said if there are going to be 12 naked girls posing with their animals for a calendar then I know the perfect people to shoot it for us!!!  That would be Cherie & Hedley. Next came the phone call....Dani was sweet and a bit shy to ask but as soon as I heard the premise I was in. Helping animals and 12 naked girls. Yes that is a great idea I am sure I said. The stage was set.....After I had agreed to do the shoot the cast of characters that agreed to go naked for the good of saving lives started to come out. The list was actually amazing and super fun. We had Playboy bunnies and Playboy connected girls and the rest were just fabulous very accomplished girls!!! The list goes a bit like this. Kim Sills the Founder and…

08 Oct 2014

How all women can take stunning Boudoir photos at a shoot

How all women can take stunning Boudoir photos at a shoot with any photographer.... Here at The Boudoir Café we are always trying to educate women so that they will look their best... Here is to helping all women take GREAT Boudoir photographs & how to get the best out of their Boudoir photographer.... How to shoot no matter where they are and or who the photographer is.... Tip: Remember to tell your photographer what your favorite body part is so they can focus on that...We all have that special part or parts that we love or our guy loves...So why not bring that up...Fast!!!! Join me on Instagram: Cherie Steinberg Boudoir Cafe