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    Top Guns

    We love what we do and have the best teams in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to do it.  From professional make-up to the best set design, to the best  guidance and support with posing, you have found the top guns in the industry.

    We are Nikon-endorsed and considered two of the best Boudoir photographers in the country and we’re active in the boudoir photography Las Vegas community. And, Huffington Post lists as us being in the top 5!

    Let’s turn you into the beautiful artwork that you already are.

    Each Boudoir session is a very special, very personal journey. The session is designed with you because this kind of session is that kind of personal.  What you are hoping to express is what we are devoted to capturing and much more. From sweet and angelic, to vixen a la erotic, something we enjoy most is brainstorming with you first, and designing your custom session exactly as you’ve envisioned it. We’ve also got great ideas and love helping our clients step out of their boundaries and try something new.

    Our studio offers a selection of luxury, fabulous props and countless options for a variety of stunning, artistic finishes expressing every kind of mood.

    Our sets. our props, and accessories are found only at Boudoir Café. These pieces are from all around the world and are exquisitely crafted, distinct, creative and artistic.

    Whether you are looking for a risqué, erotically nude, intimate portrait, provocative Boudoir, something on the fetish slant all the way to fine art nudes, we are specialists at capturing “your sexy” and creating a masterpiece of you — one that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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    Things You  Might Not Know About Us

    1. We got married at Burning Man.
    2. We are both originally Canadian.
    3. Hedley was a DJ in another life on Canadian Radio. Deadly Hedley is the name!
    4. Hedley infamously was the first to break House music on the radio in Canada.
    5. Cherie was the first woman photographer for a major Canadian Newspaper, The Toronto Sun.
    6. Cherie traveled the world for 7 years on a government-appointed grant, taking photos in over 40 countries.
    7. We are Talking Heads and conference teachers for Nikon.
    8. We are obsessed, passionate, and driven Nikon photographers and proud of it.
    9. We are working on a Sexy European Magazine ~ debuting soon.
    10. Boudoir photography and stunning portraiture for women is our passion;  We simply LOVE it!

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    If you want to take interesting images,
    put something interesting in front of the lens.

    Cherie Steinberg

    Our Quality

    the most sensual boudoir photography

    Private and Intimate Studios

    The Boudoir Café features its own very private intimate studio in Malibu, CA as well as shooting in exclusive studios in luxury hotels in Las Vegas, NV.

    The Boudior Café is all about provocative ambiance, sensuality, eroticism and downright sexiness. A boudoir photo shoot is a profoundly personal, luxurious experience and something each gal needs to gift herself at least once in her lifetime.  Creating artwork of “intimate you” allows us to capture the many forms of expression you want to explore — we cannot think of anything more fulfilling to do than that!

    Passionate Photographers

    Cherie and her team at The Boudoir Café have been delivering exceptional, highly artistic photography for 20 years. Together, they transform their clients into a vision, be it a sexy siren, an elegant, sensual beauty,  or a wild one darker than 50 shades! Now based in Beverly Hills, CA, Cherie’s been shooting everyone from celebrities to the peoples of of India. Having been all over the world with a camera in her hand for the last 10 years, Cherie has found her personal niche photographing women, uncovering their many desired expressions of sexuality — for themselves and/or for the one (or more!) that they love. Cherie and her team are passionate about the divine feminine, something often lost in today’s highly competitive, multi-tasking society that buries women under career, homemaking, child rearing and exhaustion.  Women are sexy, sensual, beautiful creatures and that needs to be captured on film and celebrated for a lifetime!

    Sessions designed for you

    Expressing the Sexy, Sensual YOU is our job. We start with a design consultation that connects us with your desires and vision. The Boudoir Café sessions are highly customized. Some possibilities to tease you could include a leather-and-lace session to a sexy-fetish or a turn-of-the-century Victorian or Renaissance themed session, or how about a sexy-sporty or sensual, divine feminine, provocative and ethereal.

    It’s all about the mood, the styling, and an utter exploration of you (or what’s still hidden in you!). It is a pampering day that you will never forget. The session itself (the best experience ever!) and a post-session consultation to review the images are the next steps, either in person or online, via phone. 

    "There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about,and that is not being talked about."

    Oscar Wilde


    Cherie Steinberg

    Cherie is a photographer whose passion has been traveling the world and photographing people. Cherie began her career at The Toronto Sun in Canada as the first woman photographer at this major Canadian Newspaper. Among numerous awards over the years, Cherie has been honored with the Canadian Council for the Arts Award, Canada’s equivalent of the National Endowment for the Arts Award. Cherie has travelled the world to over 40 countries. In her international travels, she has captured extraordinary images, which have appeared most recently in Grace Ormonde, The L.A. Times, Los Angeles Magazine, Bride & Bloom Magazine, Los Angeles Weddings, Studio Design & Photography, Towne & Country, WPPI Photography Monthly, Distinctive Magazine, 90210 Magazine, 5280 Magazine, Professional Photographers, Palm Springs Life, Digital Photo Pro, Rangefinder Magazine, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Tonight and Nikon World.
    She is a Getty Image Stock Photographer whose works are sold worldwide. Cherie was listed by Nikon as “one of the world’s great photographers.” As a Nikon-sponsored photographer, she has appeared as a speaker at industry events for Nikon and other industry trade shows talking to other photographers and sharing her knowledge and love of the craft.

    Hedley Jones ~ Deadly Hedley

    Hedley is an experienced multi-media artist with an impressive array of creative credentials ranging from traditional broadcasting to digital photography . His roots began in the world of music as a musician in Jamaica. He moved to Canada to work with CBC Radio in Toronto, as a Radio Tech and Producer/writer  of two highly acclaimed national Radio programs. As “Deadly Hedley,” he became one of the city’s most loved and respected DJs, introducing audiences to the best in reggae, worldbeat & house music, shaping the musical tastes of a generation of Toronto listeners.  Hedley’s interest in photography started in high school.  He joined the camera club and learned to develop film and make prints.  “When I saw my first image appear I was hooked.”  Hedley has mastered all the important technical aspects of photography especially with regards to the lighting in a boudoir setting.  “The lighting is a very important part to making the “Emotional Connection” with our clients and one of the key factors in our style” As the only male shooter at #theboudoircafe  Hedley is helping to push the boundaries with his dedication to bringing out the beauty in women and his male perspective of this now trending style of photography. He is such a great team player and all the ladies really love having that male, metro sexual perspective!

    Vanessa Garcia Schindler

    Vanessa Garcia Schindler is a natural born artist.  With roots leading back to a very famous artist whose work hangs in the Metropolitan Museum in New York as well as is featured in many art books. Vanessa early years were spent on a ranch in Mexico; and in her teens to adulthood, she worked in demolition construction at her father’s award-winning scrap-metal recycling company.  She combines her gift of art and a detailed eye for non-stop creativity with her love and passion of photography and creating and capturing unique beauty.  Vanessa is excellent at getting an instant feel of her clients and creating custom unique spaces, settings, looks and shots that bring her photos an absolute never-seen-or-done-before look.  The word that is used to describe Vanessa and her work is always: “Magical.”

    Lara Solomon

    After working with The Boudoir Cafe for over a decade she has developed with Cherie and Hedley- as an associate photographer, sales manager and even muse! Through their shared love of art history, they often incorporate it into their lighting & props – everything from renaissance, to pop art! Conceptual portraits are Lara’s true passion, sometimes using aerial drones or underwater gear to make the image surreal. Having both commercial photography training and a network in the fine-art community, she has adapted a balance of conducting a shoot in a professional manner with a unique ‘magic’ touch! Years of modeling experience, help her guide clients comfortably through a portrait session. After the shoot, she’ll help you figure out how to turn your best images into archival works of fine-art.  She is a natural at seeing the beauty in everyone, and therefore always capturing what makes each person attractive and interesting- while having a blast!

    "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

    Anaïs Nin



    "Nothing is sexier than a woman who takes control."

    Hedley Jones

    Professional Boudoir Gallery

    Cherie Steinberg ◯ Hedley Jones

    • "The Boudoir Café is considered by Nikon to be one of the best. 'Your work is like no others!'"

      Mike Corrado
      Senior Manager; Pro Relations & Marketing
    • "Cherie and Hedley are amongst the top photographers in the country!"

      Huffington Post
    • "This is a field of photography that demands skill, sensitivity, and a soupçon of psychology. Boudoir Café exemplifies all of it."

      Nikon, Inc.
    • "...some of the most creative photographers on the planet."

      Professional Photographer Magazine
    • Taking Boudoir photography to a new level!"

    • "This boudoir team is top-notch at putting even the shyest model at ease."

      California Wedding Magazine


    The best boudoir experience in LA, Las Vegas, and San Francisco

    Every woman that comes through our doors will leave as a new woman — owning her womanhood, feeling sexier than ever and more fabulous about themselves. This is not just a photo shoot. Many women tell us that their Boudoir photo session with us has really changed their lives.

    I know, it might sound a bit silly, but you have to feel this experience to understand it.

    Be sure to book something super fun after the shoot as well. You will want to go out to somewhere fabulous — trust me (wink!).


    choose from any of our location options

    Las Vegas Boudoir

    In Las Vegas, we have something special for you. We shoot in the most amazing hand-picked and carefully selected 5-star hotels. Each of them has a unique design and feel that we can tailor to your needs and look you want to achieve.

    So feel free to tell us about your preference and we make sure that the style of the interior matches it perfectly. Or perhaps you already have one in your mind, if so tell us and we take care of the rest. Private session in the luxury interiors might be the best stay in a hotel you ever had.

    Los Angeles Boudoir

    Our extraordinary LA location includes an indoor as well as outdoor studio situated in Malibu; it’s an extraordinary photographic oasis, one that is full of the divinity of nature as well as the sultriness of our sought-after indoor Boudoir scenes. Whether indoors or outdoors, we fill each of our scenes with top-notch, moody-sexy lighting and staging. It’s our lighting, artistic direction, as well as our photographic excellence for which we’ve become known.

    For the perfect experience, we begin with make-up and hair while you enjoy a lovely sitting lounge and are taken care of from start to finish. Our team will make sure you have the experience of a lifetime. And since we also make the best Cosmos or Cham-Butcha’s,  you are up for something very special with us. Just let us know what you’d like to be sipping while getting dolled up.

    San Francisco Boudoir

    The San Francisco studio is crafted and designed to ensure the best experience. Its unique late 1800-century vintage Queen-Anne studio, offering more than just a place to get some photos taken. It is an experience just walking the grounds and seeing the options.

    You will be amazed at how many options and different looks we can create here. We are looking forward to hear your inspiration and add some of ours to make the perfect experience of boudoir shoot in San Francisco. We also shoot in Luxury Hotels all over San Fran.

    WE COME TO YOU! Tell Us Where…

    We are very happy to come to any location that you want us to shoot! We have traveled for countless numbers of clients and it’s another part of why we love what we get to do, so much. We bring special lighting and our team, so shooting on-location for us is a breeze.

    We’ve gone as far as Thailand and Hong Kong all the way to Paris to work with our clients, in whatever exotic or dearly personal location they may need. Call us to talk about it. We’re all ears!

    We are adventurous photographers
    and are open to all kinds of photography.

    The Boudoir Café


    Choose from our packages ~ Express Sexy, Sensual You!

    As imaginative as you are we will match you!
    We get calls every day about unique and fun projects.
    Everyone is an individual and all photo shoots are not the same.
    Let’s make some images that you will have and love for a lifetime!

    THE BOUDOIR CAFE features its own, very private and intimate studios in exclusive and luxury hotels and properties. The Boudoir Café is all about ambiance and sensuality, wherever we are. Doing a Boudoir photo shoot is a unique, luxurious experience — something that is a sensational treat. It’s a special occasion and with all that comes iconic photos that will be cherished for a lifetime.

    We are thrilled to be a part of this historic happening in your life and will work hard to make this a day that you will never forget.

    "I finally realized that being grateful to my body was key to giving more love to myself.”

    Oprah Winfrey


    The Boudoir Café has quite a few packages and also we do custom packages all the time for those special projects and clients. We are also very proud of our specialty products which are made just for The Boudoir Café and not found anywhere else. We are here to make this experience so exciting that you will want to come back for round 2. Please contact us and we will find out what your desires are and what your wishes are for this once in a lifetime date.

    "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere."

    Mae West

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    The Boudoir Café Blog is a place where we share our inspiration, find some new ideas and share the latest news on what is sexy, sensual and makes great boudoir photography. READ OUR BLOG

    "Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary."

    Oscar Wilde


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