It is becoming an iPhone world and I give a lot of credit to the infamous visionary Steve Jobs for making an pseudo artist out of everyone holding an iPhone! BUT, that said, not everyone IS an artist and, well, a lot of the photos from the iPhone-crazed era are still, in truth, not much more than great shots that chronicle the movements and memories of our lives.

When it comes to professional photography, there’s much more to it. We work with amazing cameras with depth, clarity, and precision, extraordinarily appealing and expensive lighting, and years of learning, experience, and practice. Experience, well, is another level unto itself that cannot be compared to a quick iPhone snap or selfie.

As one of those photographers that has studied for years and shot hundreds of thousands of photos across my career, I continue to hone my craft on a daily basis, whether it be the finesse of the lighting, the angles of the camera, as well as how I pose my subjects to maximize their beauty.

If Boudoir photography is something you’ve been considering, or already know that you’d love to do, then you’re reading the right blog. These are not snapshots you’ll have fun with. My work is about art,”you” as art. These are images you’ll either have on your wall or display in a book that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.  This is about creating personal portraits you’ll have for years to come and as you look back, you’ll be beyond thrilled that you have them, that you gave yourself “this” chance to celebrate your gorgeousness. We really do need to do this at least once in our lifetimes, ladies!

I know you’ll really get where I am coming from in this blog once you’ve seen the results of your photo session with us. Our clients say, time and time again, that “I cannot believe that’s me! OMG!”

Don’t sell yourself short, gift yourself something very special, a something very personal and utterly captivating. Drive your partner nuts and build your confidence ten-fold as well. That’s what we do! That’s what we love to do!


Cherie and Hedley