It is becoming an iphone world and I give a lot of credit to Steve Jobs for making the world a place where now everyone with an iphone can be an artist!!! BUT that does not mean that everyone IS an artist and a lot of photos from the iphone are still just simple pics to remember that day in your life!!

When you come to a pro photographer with amazing cameras and wonderful expensive lighting and years of learning and practicing WELL that is another level and it cannot be compared to a snap with an iphone!!!

As one of those photographers that has studied and shot hundreds of thousands of photos in my career and has continued to learn on a daily basis to make our work better and better and finesse the lighting and the EXPERIENCE!!

So if boudoir photography is something that you would love to do and have those images for years to come then we are your pro photographers. I know you will understand this blog after you get your photos back. The one thing we honestly get a lot is that our clients say that they cannot believe that the photos are them.

So for some great pics and some good Las Vegas Boudoir photographers we are your team!!