They call it “SinCity.”  Traditionally, people came to Las Vegas to gamble or to get married, but the city has grown to become one of the most famous cities in the world!

A favorite for every kind of vacationer, it’s one of the top-rated cities for “foodies” as Vegas is blessed with countless world-renowned chefs that will blow your mind. Not only does it boast the largest collection of stage plays and live music in the world, it’s the hottest place on earth to get sexy and just own it!

Here in Vegas, there’s so much to do! We’re surrounded by so many extraordinary places to visit:  the Redrocks, the Grand Canyon, the Neon Museum, fabulous shopping even the Hoover Dam! Vegas features Cirque du Soleil shows you will not believe, entertainers of a lifetime you’ve always wanted to see, and a nonstop stream of extraordinary people to just sit and “people watch!”

But the greatest thing to do in Las Vegas…wanna’ know what it is? Ladies! THIS is the place to get pampered. This is THE BEST CITY to treat yourself like a queen, spa-day your way to glowing and gorgeous, sexy yourself up, and get utterly glamorous!

Getting pampered is exactly what Vegas has in store for you and we can help you do just that! This wildly fun, adult playground is the getaway you’re dreaming about, that place that’ll take you far away from your daily grind.

Vegas is that frontier where you can do something out of the ordinary for yourself. With that said, for the ultimate love-yourself treatment, we, at The Boudoir Café, invite you to  book a Boudoir photo session day with us — the ultimate pampering.

best boudoir photography los angelesWe are among the top Boudoir photographers in the nation (and that’s not just a bunch of hot air, we really are, ask Nikon!), and we promise to show you the best day ever, making you look and feel like you never have before, and getting that all on camera, in the most beautiful photos you’ve ever seen of yourself, ones that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Ladies, a Boudoir photoshoot should be on each and every one of our bucket lists! Don’t let the years fly by before you capture your most-sexy and gorgeous you, and do so with the people who know how to bring your alter-ego, sexy-most-sexy you to life. Dare we say, that’s us!

All you have to do is give us a call and then show up. You’ll be greeted by our professional make-up artist/stylist, Cherie and myself, and your very favorite, relax-you, indulge-you beverage! We promise, your personal brand of beauty will be captured and glorified. Because, that’s what we know how to do and  that what WE LOVE doing for our clients.

Each and every one of our photo sessions is tailored to your needs. We’ve got years of experience to share with you and a creative slant you’ll not get with many if any others in the field. (We’re not actually bragging, that’s just the way it is.)

Let’s start with a consultation and we’ll all start getting excited!

We are also happy to arrange your very own spa day. Let’s talk! Let’s plan!


Hedley of The Boudoir Café