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Each year, Valentine’s Day seems to creep up on us and before we know it, it’s fast approaching!  Besides Vegas being a hot destination for so many couples on this very special day, scheduling a Boudoir Photography shoot, with you and your man, might just be the hottest idea ever! February is the time of year for love. It’s the time to tell that special someone that you love them, are crazy about them, want and desire them!  It’s also …

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iPhone Pictures or Sexy, Erotic, Professional Images with Us!

It is becoming an iPhone world and I give a lot of credit to the infamous visionary Steve Jobs for making an pseudo artist out of everyone holding an iPhone! BUT, that said, not everyone IS an artist and, well, a lot of the photos from the iPhone-crazed era are still, in truth, not much more than great shots that chronicle the movements and memories of our lives. When it comes to professional photography, there’s much more to it. We …

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