There’s this common misconception that boudoir photography is only for younger women.

It’s so wrong it’s ridiculous.

It’s assuming that only young women can be sexy, that only young women can be beautiful.

SO wrong.

Older woman are just as — or even more beautiful than — the young woman you think you see plastered all over the media.

Older women doing boudoir photography is something Hedley, my team, and I at The Boudoir Cafe have personal experience with. And we see it often.

Honestly, older women doing boudoir makes sense! They have more experience, they have known their bodies longer. They know how they look, how they move, how they feel sexy.

And, if they have been with their partner for a long time, they know what they’re looking for as well.

The Boudoir Cafe knows that, as far as boudoir wedding photos, young women are certainly not the only women getting married. Older women are making special gifts out of these photos for their future hubby. And they’re loving doing it!!

And Hedley and our team — we’re enjoying seeing these women have fun, feel beautiful, and feel good about making a very special gift.

Truly, it’s important that older women try out boudoir photography as well. You have to remind yourself that you’re still a sexy mama. After all these years, you deserve to indulge. You deserve to remember just how beautiful you really are.

As you age, it seems to become more and more difficult to feel good in your own skin. With the media always selling you a new anti-wrinkle treatment; a new botox injection; a new celebrity that “looks so much younger than she really is!!!”, it becomes hard to see the truth. And, my dears, I am telling you that it is:

Your wrinkles, they are beautiful engravings.
Dark spots, they are mysterious.
Dry skin, it has shown itself strong against the strong winds of time.
Greying hair, is the color Kelly Osbourne wishes her hair was.
Veins, they map out the joy in the course of your life.

A boudoir photography session at The Boudoir Cafe will only remind you of all of this.

Join Hedley, our team, and me as we rock your perception of age.

As always,

Love and Fierceness,
xoxo Cherie

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