Hi wonderful world and beautiful readers!

We had the total pleasure of hosting four beautiful Korean women today to do a photo shoot for one of the girls. Hany was amazing and her friends came along to help her to make her fell loved and pampered during this process and experience!! Well to tell you the truth it was an amazing afternoon — all the girls had an absolute blast!!

This really made me think of something that is important to us at The Boudoir Cafe: making sure all cultures feel comfortable in their own skin, wherever they are. In this country, we have this great right of freedom, and such a huge amount of acceptance. The final passage of marriage equality shows how we are making leaps of tolerance.


But I want to talk about more than tolerance here. I want to talk about cultural pride, loving one’s own skin because of the heritage, ethnicity, and history you own in yourself.

The Boudoir Cafe — Hedley, me, and our team — love seeing girls’ cultures show through in their photographs. It is a part of them; and not only that, it is a part of them that makes them feel sexy. This creates a delectable, unique image.

For example, Korean culture is full of rich, floral prints. Korean culture places emphasis on beauty, on taking care of oneself and one’s body. South Korea is known for its forward-thinking, technologically-driven young people — and their addicting Korean dramas! K-Pop, too, has become a worldwide musical phenomenon (who can forget Gangnam Style??!).

Hany and her girls came in with this fabulous nail art: glitter, bright colors, and these amazing patterns and designs. Korean nail art is well known for it’s cute replications of cartoon characters, animals, and even things like fruits!


When the girls walked into The Boudoir Cafe shoot, Hedley and our team were absolutely taken by these designs! There was so much glitter and sparkle! The salon that did it was called Nail Hime, and I absolutely recommend checking this out. It’s a unique, fun way to add just a little more glitz and glamour to your already customized and personable photoshoot at The Boudoir Cafe.

I just want to take the time to thank these girls and their openness; and tell them how much I appreciated learning about their culture that day. Doing photography as long as we have, Hedley and I and the rest of our team never get tired of learning new things like this every day.


Every person that walks into our photo shoots is special and different and we treasure them for this. We love working and learning about each and every one of you, and I can’t wait to see what the road has ahead for us in the future in this boudoir adventure.

Keep being true to yourself, my loves. You are gorgeous just as you are, always.

All the best wishes and kisses,