Hello all my lovely ladies of all shapes, sizes, genders, and abilities!

The power of boudoir is that it recognizes the beauty in every woman.

Because every woman is beautiful.

The team at The Boudoir Cafe has had the pleasure of working with plus size girls — of which we say: Plus Size? How about natural, normal, gorgeous size.

Though the industry has coined the term “Plus Size,” we don’t necessarily believe in it, because it implies that this is a specific category of girl recognized for her beauty apart from a norm unhealthily established by the industry.

Girls can be — and should be — any size or shape they want, whatever size or shape their body is naturally.

Because natural is beautiful.

plus size boudoir4

Hedley, the team, and I believe in body empowerment, in positive body outlook. This is part of what makes our job at The Boudoir Cafe feel less like a job, and more like a purpose enjoyably fulfilled. We have found our passion in boudoir photography because it shows every girl that they are beautiful, they are sexy — and most of all, that those two things come from being uniquely themselves.

Boudoir is freeing, it is about giving into the natural essence of your female sexuality. Like our love of our bodies, this feeling is hidden within us as women — though day to day life, and the media, may attempt to crush or suppress it.


Boudoir photography is changing the landscape, changing the game, and flipping the tables: it is saying, to every woman, you are sexy.

And it is true.

You, dear reader, dear friend, are sexy.

And if you don’t believe me, stop by and visit me, Hedley, and the team at The Boudoir Cafe. You’re going to love what you see — but even more, what you feel.

Stay natural,

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