Emotional connection!!!

Hello darlings! This is Cherie again, with some important info about the process of boudoir photography for you. It’s about what goes on emotionally as you take a boudoir photograph. Some women come into the process scared, or nervous. And I want to make it known that you don’t have to be — at all. You already have the tools and strength to create a stunning photograph inside you. You may just not have known it yet.

When you’re taking a boudoir photograph, there are 3 very important emotional connections going on. These are connections that happen naturally, and have just been lying dormant inside you. Think of yourself as a smoking hot volcano about ready to bubble and blow.

Take a little peek-a-boo:

Emotional Connection Between You & The Photographer

Before our specialized Boudoir Cafe session, my partner Hedley Jones and I put all our effort into pampering you to feel like a queen. You are coiffed, powdered, adored until you feel — from head to toe — the perfection you truly are.

We talk to you about your interests, and your special someone’s interests. About what your favorite parts of you are, what their favorite parts of you are.

We want you to feel comfortable, happy, loved. Hedley and I tell you a little bit about ourselves too. In just a couple hours, you know us; and we know you. We appreciate you for who you truly are. There’s no shyness, no holding back. Hedley and I believe in honesty, so we are full-frontal with you. No secrets. We want you to be the same. This is how you become comfortable in front of the camera: you know us, the photographers, as people. Not machines. We never want to be machines. And we never want you to be, either.

We always want you to be a sexy, powerful, confident.

Emotional Connection Between You & The Person (Or People) You Want Seeing The Photo

Picture the face of that lucky someone who will receive this intimate photo of you. The lucky someone who knows every centimeter of you, but will hold in their hand a forever moment to stare at that will always make their heart skip a beat.

You already have an emotional connection to this person. You trust them with your nakedness, your rawness. To them, you unabashedly show your true physical self. This is vulnerability in its most intimate form — and you trust this person, this truly significant other, the privilege to behold you this way.

When you take a photo at The Boudoir Cafe, we remind you of this connection you have with the person. You look at me, Cherie, behind the camera and I’m there to support you and Hedley is right next to me, to remind you of this bond. (We’re there to cheer you on the whole time you brave beautiful woman you, because, again, we’re part of the emotional connection as well.)

When you remember, you feel comfortable. And then when you envision the look of surprise on their face, your whole body flushes with warmth, happiness. We capture that moment.

Emotional Connection Between You, Yourself!!

When you arrive at The Boudoir Cafe, you put on your sexy little lingerie and are immediately sent to hair and makeup. Like a true queen, you are made to feel like every single part of you deserves to be given attention. During this process is when we first start to see the girls look at themselves differently. They’re awed by themselves.

But, as always, when you get in front of the camera, the magic happens. You start posing and positioning yourself and you feel the lace and satin on your bare skin, you kick your heels in the air, lose yourself in thought about the bedroom… You’re exploring this part of yourself. Perhaps even discovering it. This side of you that loves yourself, loves what your body and mind can do. You’re thankful for the smoothness of the skin on your hands as they graze your face; the way your muscles stretch when you extend your thigh; and the way your your bones bend when you arch your back.

You understand yourself as one person with so much power. You know you are a treasure.

As always, Hedley and I — and everyone else at Boudoir Cafe — send you all our love, kisses, and well wishes.

Stay sexy, my queens.

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