The idea that you have to be 100 pounds to do a boudoir photo shoot is not even a thing! As a matter of fact girls with a bit of weight on them look amazing. After all in some cultures women that look more shapely are considered way more sexy and for a boudoir shoot sexy is a good thing. Here at The Boudoir Cafe well known Las Vegas Boudoir photographers are experts at posing for a boudoir shoot and can make ANY girl look amazing! Boudoir photos come with a great Makeup Artist and they are called Makeup Artists for a reason! If you have never had one of these angels do makeup for you, you will be more than pleasantly surprised at how absolutely fabulous you will look after she gets done with you!I highly recommend makeup for boudoir shoots! As far as what to wear- no problem we have a getting ready guide for you of where to buy the best of the best lingerie for boudoir shoots! And remember under a satin sheet is a good plan too so does not have to be an expensive proposition.

Some beautiful plus size girls we have had the pleasure of photographing in our studio.

So don’t be shy

Come and have some fun with us and get some great iconic images of  YOU!!!