Lingerie for Every Body — literally!

Lingerie is meant to make a woman feel sexier, but what happens if she doesn’t feel sexy in her own skin due to her physical appearance? The solution is quite simple, lingerie! With so many styles, fabrics and cuts there is a lingerie style for every body type that will accentuate what makes you most beautiful and help hide those things you’re less than happy with. Our friends at 3Wishes have a broad array of pretty much every style lingerie imaginable, including an extensive line for plus-sized ladies.

We’ve composed the 5 most common physical concerns and features that women have and suggested certain lingerie styles that either draw attention to or away those assets as you’d like.

If you have less than what they can “washboard abs”, i.e. a midsection you’d rather keep hidden under a hoodie, than these lingerie styles are for you. Look for something that has sheer or lacey materials draping over the midriff. Make sure its not taught but loosely flowing. Even if you hide your tummy, there are plenty other sexy assets to show off. This red baby doll has a soft and comfortable stretch lace bodice with underwire cups for the perfect measure of support, but most importantly it has a semi-sheer fabric flowing loosely over your midriff. Lingerie like this and this blue pearl baby doll are ideal for you.


For those petite ladies with little to no curves the key is to give the illusion of a curvier shape. Some tricks to make you look fuller are push-up bras and other more supportive tops, as well as more material around the hips. In addition the free slowing fabric that will show an illusion of curvy hips, the Dahlia baby doll set has a sheer top with ruffle trim and a gathered midriff that will accentuate the bust.



If you’re a lifetime member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, there’s still plenty of sex appeal to show off. Look for items that will enhance and boost your cleavage, i.e. extra support and padding are your friend. Another trick is selecting pieces that have build in bras like teddies or corsets. We love this Sensual Satin Corset from 3Wishes because it creates an hourglass figure with the black/white color scheme and interior boning. The lace-up back enhances the waist even more while the corset also pushes up the cleavage.



Embrace your curves if you have them. Try to draw attention to your cleavage and really showcase your hips and booty. Your best friend as a curvy girl is a corset because of the cinching you can do around your waste and how it will flatten your tummy. The Curvy Dark Endeavors Corset is great for a woman with curves with it’s faux leather full interior boning corset and straps that will keep the twins in without looking like you’re spilling out of the outfit. The hi-low skirt will accentuate the hips and truly show off your beautiful curvaceous body in all the right ways.  


If you are blessed enough to have an hourglass figure the pretty much anything will work with your body type. Wear what makes you feel beautiful and sexy, because that’s what it’s all about.  This Neon Sexy Lace Up Teddy, or this Lovesick Teddy, screams the name of every girl with an hourglass figure.


Showing off your lingerie doesn’t necessarily need to be done for your lover. Why not consider doing a sexy boudoir shoot for yourself? The right lingerie for your body type, paired with the knowledge and ability of your glamour shots photographer to shoot from your best angles will prove to you that everybody is beautiful, regardless of their body shape.