Bridal Boudoir Photography

There has been a trend for gifting new husbands after the wedding that has become super popular; bridal boudoir photography. Unlike the previous photos and selfies you have sent your significant other, a professional should take your bridal boudoir photos. Many wedding photographers will offer bridal boudoir shoots as an added service, but if your photographer doesn’t offer this service, then most cities offer photographers who specialize in this boudoir photography style.

Keep in mind that while these are secret gifts for your new spouse, boudoir is hardly X-rated. Think of it as PG-13 with classic pinup-inspired pictures, or what the professionals call ‘implied nudes.’ Implied nudes means that while you’re wearing very little (or nothing at all), you don’t show anything either. Picture shots from the back, wrapped in blankets or feather boas and even some photos taken of you on your stomach. Your bridal photographer will be able to advise you on the best poses for your intentions, comfort level and body. But if you want to do nudes that is all OK too! Remember this is also a gift to yourself!  You will have these iconic images of yourself forever!

While most boudoir photographers will have plenty of poses and ideas for you on the day of shooting, it is always advisable to come in with a few poses or ideas of your own. Look around there are lots of beautiful imagery of boudoir photography that you can pick images that represent your ideal look.

One of the most classic poses for boudoir shoots has the heel of a stiletto caught in your thong or panty and pulling the waistband. While nothing is revealed, the tug of the band and the shadow of it on your behind will leave plenty up to your new husband’s imagination. Make sure you bridal photographer captures plenty of shots from behind to show of your natural womanly figure and curves. You can wear nothing, a simple thong or maybe even a veil draped over your natural curves, because the arch of your back and pop of your booty will be the only focal point in that particular image.

You will never go wrong with glamour shots of you on you on your back. You can have your feet straight in the air or have the photographer take photos from above with you hair sprawled out and your eyes looking directly into the camera. Hold your arms above your head or hanging partially off the bed or platform and you’ll add more dimensions to the pose. Aerial shots not only work with you on your back but in action shots as well. Wrap yourself in sheer fabric and roll around, the action of the fabric moving with you is sure to capture some great images.

One of the attractions of boudoir photography, bridal or not, is capturing simple assets in a sexual and romanticized light. Close-ups to a bra or underwear (with you wearing it of course) are not only beautiful, but will remind your new spouse of what they get to come home to each night. As with images of basic undergarments, simple props are also useful in bridal boudoir photography. Wear long pearl strands, feather boas, sheer fabric, fur rugs, and satin bows are great props that will add accent and additional glamour to your already sexy bridal boudoir shoot.

As far as what to wear for your bridal boudoir photo shoot, anything goes. You can go fancy and wear a lace or vintage corset, or simply a garter and veil. You can never go wrong with classic panties or a thong and some heels. If the lingerie you wear is mostly white or a soft neutral pink then its ideal for a bridal boudoir shoot. Talk to your photographer about your thoughts and ideas before your shoot. They might have some ideas you have never considered and some might even have access to discounts with certain vendors when it comes to the lingerie you’ll wear.

Remember: The most important part about taking boudoir bridal portraits is to relax and be yourself. If you’re uncomfortable then it will show in your pictures. Wear something sexy that suits you and your personality, even though the sexy bridal photos are for your new spouse, you’re the one doing the modeling and you need to be smile and feel confident. As stated before, always speak to your photographer first for advice and suggestions, they might even have creative ideas on how to gift and package the photos to your new husband. If you think your husband fell in love with you all over again on your wedding night…don’t be surprised if he does it again once he sees your bridal boudoir glamour shots

Remember this is the ultimate gift of a lifetime for you and for the new hubby!