Bonjour mon cheri!

Currently we are located in Los Angeles, CA where we are available for sessions on most weekdays and weekends as well. However, Hedley and I also semi regularly travel to Paris, France to do boudoir sessions as well.

The word “boudoir” originally comes from the French word for a woman’s private dressing room. In essence, boudoir photography done everywhere aims to capture this sensual moment where a woman is alone and feels beautiful. However, the glamour of boudoir can be attributed to its French origins. This is why Paris, as a boudoir photography location, is so essential.

When we do boudoir photo shoots in Paris we keep in mind these three things: our own unique commitment to pampering; Parisian culture/lifestyle; and Paris as a historical landmark.

Our Commitment: as always, Hedley and the team at The Boudoir Cafe take time to make you feel comfortable and gorgeous. Hair, makeup, and accessories are all provided. We take care of every inch of you, assisting in bringing out your inner vixen.

Parisian Culture & Lifestyle: the Parisian woman is the very definition of class and culture. She is suave, sophisticated, effervescent and effortless. When we do a boudoir shoot in Paris, we see the girls begin to embody this lifestyle. Parisian women are known for their love of both the natural, and the finer things in life. They embrace the hairs that grow on their body, and adore the scent of a unique perfume.

When girls come in for a boudoir photoshoot in Paris, they begin to embody this Parisian woman essence. Hedley and I and our team encourage anyone who visits us for a boudoir session in Paris to let loose, let go, feel your inner European. And then, when you begin to pose, you can see that you have that touch of Parisian “I do not care for your opinion, for I know I am sexy all to myself.”

Parisian History: Can be defined in the singular word, “opulence.” The Palace of Versailles… Marie Antoinette… The Sun King. A beautiful, rich, history full of brocade fabrics and golden rooms. The Boudoir Cafe team has seen some great, sultry pictures come out of historical role-playing. But not only that: when you’re in Paris, you feel it’s history as a part of you, and you respect it. Your admiration for this place, for this setting, transfers to the boudoir photoshoot setting. Every photo we take in Paris has a certain regal-ness to it.

If you’d like to be notified when we return to Paris, please contact us and we will add your email to our travel list. Once we have confirmed our travel dates, we will email you with openings in our schedule so that you may book a session. (We also travel often to Las Vegas, so if you would like to set up a session in that area, please let us know and we’ll keep you updated with our travel plans!)

Je t’aime,


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