Things to do to get ready for a boudoir photo shoot!

Here are some tips to help you get ready for a boudoir shoot. We hope these ideas help you have the best session ever!

  1. If you are wondering, “Should I bring this?” Bring it!

One way to really get prepared for the shoot is to put all the outfits together from shoes to jewelry.

Cut out all the tags in the outfits, because they totally get in the way of the shoot, and then, they have to be cut at the shoot . They’ll be visible in the final photos and you do not want that.

Then, get large plastic garment bags and put everything inside. Then you will not have to put the outfit together once you get to the shoot, it will all be done and organized and nothing will be missing!

2. When picking outfits, expose the ‘good parts’ and cover anything you feel self conscious about!

Try on everything in front of the mirrors!

See how you feel in the outfit and if you can move and stretch and feel fabulous. If you are trying to cover something up, because you don’t love that part of you, then the outfit might need a bit more organizing. Feel great in your outfit and you will feel great while you are doing that photo shoot, and that is the key to having a wonderful experience!

3. Come to the shoot in loose-fitting clothes.

Once you get to the shoot, strip down to nothing and put on a robe and slippers. Just relax and enjoy that feeling. Then, you will be ready for make-up and a nice drink while getting pampered by our hair and make-up stylist!

4. Timing of your shoot

Try to book the shoot in the middle of your menstrual cycle so you feel your best and will not have to deal with anything you don’t want to deal with (in relation to “you know what.”) You want to feel you very best for the shoot.

5. Water, Water, Water. And, Drink Drink Drink

Water is the key to great skin!

My Japanese girlfriend once told me that most Japanese women drink 4 – 8 oz. of of water first thing in the morning — first thing, every morning!! And we all know that Japanese women have the most amazing skin. So, starting the weeks before your shoot, try this trick. .You might love it and it may even become a lifelong practice!

6. Tanning and your hair!

Please, no fake-tanning product! If you can sit outside to get a tan or get a professional-tanning spray tan, but do it no less than a week before the shoot. Tanning beds work, but as we know, they might not be a great way to go these days for health reasons.

If you dye your hair, please do that cut and dye at least 2 weeks before the shoot. It always takes a few washes to get it right; and let it grow a bit before the shoot. This goes for brides and their weddings as well.

7. Your Mani & Pedi!

Please never go to any photo shoot without doing a mani and pedi! It really is a part of the getting-ready process. and an older mani on your nails and toes can kind of screw up some of the images, in my opinion, and these things cannot really be fixed in retouching. So, go all the way to make your shoot the most amazing, perfect shoot EVER!

8. Do your research on your Boudoir photographers

Doing a for-you photo shoot is hopefully something you do more than once, but it is a real splurge on yourself for yourself, which means, you want it to be amazing. And, you want it to result in some iconic images of yourself.

Do your research and go to the best that you can find in your area. Or, if you have to take a short ride to a bigger city — go for it! But get a really good, creative photographer who really knows what they’re doing.  Read the reviews and what people have to say. Look at their style and make sure it’s what you like. I suggest at least a phone call in order to ask all the questions you might have and see if you vibe with the photographer.

This is a ver personal experience and you should love your photographer the same way you should LOVE your wedding photographer. Chances are, this is not going to be the only photoshoot you do with your boudoir photographer. These images just might become “the family photogs” for life, which has happened to us over the years many times. Talented photographers can do many kinds of photography, not just boudoir and that is something to know about talented photographers. Boudoir actually is one of the hardest things to do right and creatively. Wedding and Portrait photography is actually easier than Boudoir photography in some ways!

9. Enjoy the process and the experience.

I cannot tell you how many boudoir shoots we have done in our career, but I can tell you that I get many, many calls and emails years later of women that we had photographed telling us how happy they are that they have these wonderful images of themselves and how much that photo shoot helped them with some issues, like confidence or self-esteem, as in, the photo session made a huge difference in their lives.

10. Make that call and do something special for yourself and your partner!

Step out of that comfort zone you are in

Give us a call today! Talk to us and let’s make something fabulous happen together!