I recently started to think about all the things we truly have to be grateful for.Oprah and her “gratitude campaigns” is really on to something!  One big gratitude realization for me is being able to do what we get to do professionally, which allows us to meet such amazing and wonderful women! And, we get to help them feel gorgeous, sexy, confident, and overall just feel better about themselves!

As women, we often struggle with so many personal, “I’m not enough” issues. I get it. I’m a woman. Getting to derail these issues with and for women has become almost an obsession for me. Because, we don’t deserve to feel this way and truly, we really don’t have the emotional time either. Life is to be lived, and feeling we deserve to live it fully is everything.  Creating a platform to work with these issues, for me, is a joy.  It’s a passion.

Each and every one of us that chooses to give ourselves the kind of self-experience, the kind that is Boudoir photography, is a journey toward our own healing and self-validation.  We are enough. And, we’re gonna let the photos prove it!

Beyond my chosen profession, which I am so crazy-lucky to have chosen, I decided to also make a list of 100 things that I am grateful for. I put it in writing and gave it the living vibration it all deserves, intending for it to contribute universally to the collective, to a collective gratitude we all get to take part in.

So….Here we go to the 100 things we are grateful for:

My darling Husband

My amazing 100-year-old Father

Our wonderful and supportive Modern Family

The wonderful gift it is to take photos and be artists in our lives

Our beautiful new home

Our health

Living in America

Having freedom to do what we love to do

Being able to do whatever we want to do, when we want to do it

Being able to help people feel good about themselves

Being able to pass along, to anyone that wants to listen, the things we have learned

The ability to make art

To live in a beautiful city

Grateful for our old great friends and for making new friends every day!

Grateful for being able to have wonderful food anytime we want it

Grateful fo our way of life in this wonderful country

Grateful for taking care of my 100-year-old dad. I get to give back to the amazing Dad he really was

Grateful for my Husband who helps me take care of my Dad

Grateful that we were able to travel to many countries in the world and see, again, how lucky we are to be living in America

Grateful for the amazing clients that see our work, love their photos, and trust us to do the extraordinary job we’ve become known for

Grateful for old friends that always remember us

Thankful for all the many people that have helped us with various things over the years

Grateful for the many people that hire us to do photography work for them

Thankful to Nikon, Inc. for hiring us numerous times for projects and who continue to use our images worldwide

Thankful to the Nikon team who is always so complimentary, sweet and giving, and for Nikon as a company that treats its employees and freelancers with dignity and generosity

I am grateful for those phone calls and inquiries 🙂 that we still get sometimes. I miss the conversations on the phone. Texting is sometimes just not the same.

I am grateful for doing Boudoir photography for wonderful clients