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How to prepare for your Boudoir Photo Shoot!!

Things to do to get ready for a boudoir photo shoot! Here are some tips to help you get ready for a boudoir shoot…We hope these ideas help you wherever you are doing the shoot!!!!! 1.If you are wondering should I bring this ~ Bring it! One way to really get prepared for the shoot is to put all the outfits together from shoes to jewellry. Cut out all the tags in the outfits because they totally get in the …

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Calling All Photographers!!!!! As we begin November, I have a very exciting announcement to make… Hedley and I will be speaking at Mystic Seminars in Portland, Oregon this January!! We are so so so excited to be a part of this wonderful selection of very talented photographers. We are teaching a 1 hour seminar specifically on boudoir photography at Mystic. Because boudoir is a rising trend, and The Boudoir Café are some of the best of the best in West, …

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Happy autumn darlings! Sooo not only is The Boudoir Cafe the #1 best boudoir photographer in LA, we also happen to be one of the top general photographers as well! Yes, our boudoir is renowned — but so is the work of our other photo studio, CherieFoto. My style — and indeed the style of Hedley and everyone on our wonderful team — tends to the innovative, the imaginative, the whimsical, and (often) reaches into the deep recesses of the …

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Hi Boudoir Beauties! As you may know, The Boudoir Café does a full hair and makeup session just for you before your boudoir photoshoot. During makeup, one question Hedley, me, and our makeup artiste always get asked is, “Where in the world do you, and the girls you photograph, get such long, full, amazing lashes?” Usually, for most boudoir photo sessions, our team at The Boudoir Cafe sees girls come in asking for fake lashes; or have gotten eyelash extensions …

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