After many years of collecting wonderful accessories, we have so many to share with our clients!  When you come to shoot with The Boudoir Café, we love to have you take advantage of all of our goodies — the most awesome accessories! — to make you look and feel so sexy, so-intoxicatingly erotic, beautiful, and awesome! Our closet is your closet!  Let us help you design the drama, theatrics, and all-possibilities erotic style that you may have only fantasized about in the past! It’s your time to play and we are here to support you in that vision!

But you have to bring your own puppy — and BYOB! Hahaha!! Just kidding! Just bring “gorgeous you” and we’ll do the rest!

The accessories are part of the styling; they are the details of Boudoir photography, and they are critically important. It is ALL important, of course,  but the details are what differentiate our work from others, and it’s what you deserve when choosing a Boudoir photographer and session.

All of the accessories in these photos we have to adorn you for your boudoir photoshoot!! Just bring the high heels and the stockings :)))