It’s Time for your Wedding Boudoir photoshoot in the amazing city of Las Vegas.

Spring and summer are the time people so often get married.  So many have summer time holidays and we get to remember what the warm sun feels like! Especially if you come to Las Vegas!

It’s a great time for taking it all off and enjoying life in the sexy lane!

Be wild, be crazy, be relaxed! It’s time to get sexy and take it all off and get photographed while you do! If you are getting married, you have got to have a Wedding Boudoir photoshoot!

A Bridal Boudoir photoshoot is one of the most romantic, sexy-est gifts you can ever give your gorgeous partner!  Boudoir Photography is the #1 great-ideas wedding gift and we are right there to support you!

Or you can gift your honey a surprise by scheduling it yourself!

Call us today, as our summer schedule fills up fast: 725 777 3600