#Las Vegas, #Nevada is one of the best places for a great #bacheloretteparty 

Why you ask?   You get a fancy suite for all your girls or your #entourage.  Las Vegas  has great restaurants, lots to see and do, and you can party all night long! And the best part? It’s sunny almost every day and we have the best pool parties in North America!

So what can you do? For your joyful convenience, I have put together a list of the top-10 things you can do for your #bachelorette party in addition to a photoshoot with us!

  1. Get a Boudoir photoshoot for you and your girls from, Of course! That’s your time spent with us! Cherie and Hedley! You will never have a chance like this again’ there’s no better way to save this memory for you.
  2. Go to a Pool Party with your friends. Soak up the sun at one the many hotels that have these awesome parties!  The best time is between March and October, #MarqueeDayClub at the #Cosmopolitan #DaylightatMandalyBay #DraisBeachClub at the #Cromwell, #majicMike. The pool parties offer some of the hottest DJs in the industry.
  3. Take in one of the many live shows on the strip. There are so many to choose from! After all, this is the entertainment capital of the world! #circquedusoleil  #chippendales to name a couple.
  4. Shopping is always good and there is a designer #outlet in the middle of the city: #containerpark
  5. Take your girls to a #poledancing class! There are  several different styles available to choose from.
  6. Take a tour at the #NeonMuseum and do a photoshoot there with us as well! #theboudoircafe
  7. The #CanyonRanchSpa at the #Venetian is a great way to spend a spa day with your girls and get even more gorgeous as you get pampered.
  8. Get VIP table service at a night club. There are so many to choose from; and it keeps you and your girls together when you want to rest your feet!
  9. Rent a #partybus or a #limo to take you around. You’ll be drinking so who wants to drive?
  10. And of course, you can always gamble (the goal is to win!) as well as take in all the sites on the strip!  There’s always something to do. 🙂

Call us! We really are the best at capturing your memories and will make all of your previous photographer’s jealous, because, we know how to glam-up a party! 

We are at your service: 725 777 3600 for the Studio, or call Cherie direct at 310 980 8810.