6. The day of the shoot…Where very loose clothes and maybe no bra or panties..so you do not make any lines on your body…As a photographer we do not want to retouch when we do not have to…Retouching something that could have been avoided is not cool…..

7. A really cool way to do a shoot is with a friend….That way you get to prepare for it together..right away more fun (after all it is about having fun) and you have someone to talk and bounce ideas off of..and even share some clothes and jewelry and maybe shoes!!! The photographer will love it because now she has 2 girls to shoot…and all around it will more fun and exciting for all….after all two girls are better than one!!!

8. Study before you get here…Search the internet and see things that you really like..Send those to your photographer so they can get an idea of where you are coming from…..So that the direction is sort of known before you start….Of course you pick a photographer that you like their work this is just a little added homework….I find the more work and thought that you put into it the better the shoot..I will have girls that will come so prepared and bring wonderful things to the shoot..and I am not always talking about the most expensive just the most imagination….

9. Bring a bottle of wine to the shoot…Or make a Martini to go..It will work wonders for you…Don’t forget the photographer….

10. Every girl should do a boudoir shoot for herself at least once in her life…

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