It seems in this world of photography, TV, red carpets, Selfies, Branding, Parties, Weddings, iphone culture, Professional head shots and Boudoir photography every time in the world needs to know how to master THE ART OF POSING….It is that kind of world!!!

So since we are the masters of posing (haha trying to be that is) and spend our days posing beautiful clients that come to us with the total goal if looking snd feeling super sexy and incredibly elegant and seamlessly comfortable I wanted to write the “Top Ten Tips for doing a good pose for the camera” Any camera!!!

Whether it is for boudoir photography, red carpet, friends Facebook pages or a wedding portrait here are the top 10 tips for great posing!!!

1.  Get to know your face (what is your best side?) 

2. Get a mani and a pedi!!!!!!!!

3. Bring 6 inch heels at least….

4. Look at great poses on the internet. It is a huge topic for study. Look at the kind of photography you will be doing and study it!!

5.  Have a professional makeup artist do your makeup..You are making an investment and spending your time and the photographers time…so why not do the best you can…and the makeup artist needs to be a pro..not a makeup girl in a department store…someone that does makeup for photographers….

Remember that being naked is not always the sexiest look…as a matter of fact a bit of something placed just right will be suggestive and can also cover a body part that needs a bit of help…so do not think that u have to be naked to be sexy..Look at Maxim magazine!!!

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