The History of Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography has picked up in popularity over the past several years, but there are still those who consider sexy images of the female for to be taboo or inappropriate. To understand the beauty behind that art of boudoir photos and photography, you must know the history.

Boudoir art started to come about in the 1920s as an alternative to the illegal activity of nude photographs. As we know from Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, “well behaved women seldom make history”, so as with most illegal activities, there were rebels. In this case, photographers got creative and really took the direction of boudoir into a new space by photographing larger women against elaborate backdrops.

Then, in the 1940s the focus of boudoir turned from large women to pin-up girls. Pin-up girls would be slightly curvy and wear corsets, men’s ties and stockings. During this time, the incorporation of props into boudoir poses was started.

The biggest change in the evolution of the art of boudoir was in the 1970s. It was then that glamour boudoir photography began to be accepted as “professional art” among the artistic community and society. Boudoir photography started to be viewed as more acceptable at this time possibly due to magazines now featuring actual images of women, not drawings.

Even though the beauty and artistry of boudoir photography has stood the test of time, it is often misunderstood. This is slightly due to the events during the later 1970s when women would pose without bras and even panties. Despite being for artistic purposes, due to cultural taboos and misunderstandings, it was often seen as glorified pornography.

Luckily, with the changing times of the 20th and 21st century there has been further acceptance of once illegal and taboos activities, such as same-sex relationships and marriage. These once “frowned upon lifestyles” are now accepted among most of society…and boudoir is close at foot. The popularity and confidence that is created from partaking in boudoir photography is turning it into one of the more respected forms of capturing natural beauty of the female form.

While the art of boudoir and glamour photography has become more accepted, it still has many strides to go. You should not let the negative opinions of boudoir photography hinder your desire to try it. The art of posing for boudoir photographs is for women of all shapes and sizes and you must keep in mind that nudity is not a requirement. Boudoir photography is meant to be sexy and it shows the true beauty that is your womanly figure. However, the level of dressed (or undressed) you decide to be is ultimately your decision…if you feel sexy then who cares what you wear.

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