Top 10 Boudoir Props to Enhance the Beauty of your Boudoir Photos

As explained in our post about the history of boudoir photography, props and accessories started to be incorporated into the images and tasteful photography around the 1940s. The list of boudoir props is endless but we composed a list of our top 10 favorites that are most easily used during glamour photo shoots, but easily accessible. While a boudoir photo of a female with a horse or elephant may create an beautiful image, most of us don’t have horses of elephants conveniently available.

  1. Lace or Silk is a stable in boudoir photography. Lace can make any image sexier just by covering the right areas of skin. The tease and anticipation of what is underneath is enough to keep even the most hesitant gazer intrigued. The use of silk is beautiful as it can delicately drape over the female form, accentuating every curve and your natural beauty. In addition, if caught at the right angle, it can even reflect light and catch the glimmer in your eyes.
  2. Items representing your significant other’s favorite hobby are becoming more common in glamour photography as a man loves seeing his leading lady in his favorite team’s jersey. You don’t even need the jersey, a football or even his motorcycle can create endless possibilities for sexy boudoir images.
  3. Jewelry; because diamonds are a girl’s best friend. An oversized ring, a long strand of pearls or even a simple dainty necklace can add detail to even the most classic and simple boudoir poses. If you are having a bridal boudoir session, garters, veils and your engagement ring are key elements in this particular boudoir photo theme.
  4. Feathers not only tickle the skin, but they can add a more delicate and “angelic” feel to your boudoir session. Feathers are ideal for softening or making a boudoir session more sensual. In addition, they are great for bridal boudoir shoots too.
  5. Your significant other’s clothing such as a tie or long button down shirt. Many men have fantasized the image of a gentleman’s lady wearing his clothing. Pair just a simple tie with a pair of thigh high boots and you’ve got one sexy boudoir photo.
  6. Shoes, heels and boots are always a winner. The shoes don’t even need to be high heels; a pair of Vans or Keds are more than acceptable with the right attire, such as your man’s skateboard and fishing pole. You could even wear cleats and pose with a golf club to show your significant other that you also know how to handle a 9 wood.
  7. Alcohol, like a bottle or glass of champagne or even a glass of whiskey, if you’re man is a lover of finer liquors, makes for a great prop. It also makes for a delicious celebratory drink with your photographer at the end of your boudoir session.
  8. Flowers or rose petals, especially in a bathtub or thrown across a bed make for absolutely stunning images.
  9. Fishnet bodysuits and stockings are often used in more sexual boudoir photo shoots as they have a sexier and more erotic look than a simple corset or boy short panties. Regardless, fishnets are beautiful and have been known to drive a man wild.
  10. Vixen items such as anything leather, whips, blindfolds and handcuffs. Ever since the fad of Fifty Shades of Grey, the use of more risqué props for boudoir glamour shoots has increased. These photos are a great gift for your significant other to show your more imaginative side, but they might even broaden your horizons with how you keep the romance alive in your relationships.

These props are some of the most commonly used items in boudoir images, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with other ones. Discuss all your ideas with your boudoir photographer, they might even have some new ideas they want to try that you have never considered.