Is there a Difference Between Beauty -inspired Personal Portraits and Boudoir-style Photography?

There is a difference and it encompasses an entire range of ideas and what is possible. Actually, the ideas and feelings and “the why” we are doing a given photo is endless, and therefore, very exciting.

There is Boudoir photography and there is a portrait and between there is what is called Glamour. This leaves the stage open to anything and everything. The middle of this story is more of a Glamor shoot where you would come and have make-up done, shop, and get ready for the shoot as you would for boudoir or a more risqué shoot. It’s with Glamour, in my opinion, that we take on a more elegant-type feeling, a more Hollywood-lighting style of photography!

At the Boudoir Café, we try to do all three at the same time. So, you will be able to put a beautiful portrait on your partner’s desk while still have those steamy photos for his private collection only! This should be on every girl’s bucketlist! So contact us if you want a great photographer that can capture “the real, sexy, glamorous you” or the one that resides in you that no one know!  Every girl has a Venus inside of her, and also a bit of Marilyn Monroe for good measure. Have some fun, be wild and be crazy! Enjoy life and contact us!