Everyone knows that there’s nothing more fun than that last “single” night out with your girls…

But what if you could make it more fun?

Boudoir photoshoots are a great addition to your bachelorette party! Our team at The Boudoir Cafe has hosted so many bachelorette boudoir photo shoots — and all have been full of giggles, with the sexiest photos as the outcome.

bachelorette parties3


Think about it: you are at your most comfortable with your girls. You tell them everything (even probably things that your future-hubby doesn’t know about) and you all know each other so well. How many times have you guys laughed — and cried — over a bottle of wine and a bucket of ice cream, in your undies?


It’s countless.

Hedley, my team and I love bachelorette parties for that singular reason: all the participants are not only comfortable, but are excited to do the boudoir shoot! Everyone there is laughing, trying different poses, and feeling sexy. It’s a vibe that you can’t get anywhere else. With your girls cheering you on — and you cheering them on — it’s a part of the bachelorette party you won’t forget.

bachelorette parties4

Actually, you definitely won’t! Because you’ll have the photos from The Boudoir Cafe session to remember! With both group and individual shots taken by me, Hedley, and the Boudoir Cafe team, you’ll have this fabulous moment that lasts a lifetime. Whether you’re giving the pics to your future-hubby as a groom’s gift, or your girls are giving it to their own special someones, or they’re just doing it for themselves — the real reason behind every boudoir photoshoot is that it is for yourself and your emotional growth; for you to feel sexy and love yourself. Your girls already make you feel loved; and you have already made them feel loved in return. You’ve already grown together. This is just another opportunity to do this– but it is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion (the bachelorette party) in which you can do it.

Also, because you get full hair and makeup done as a part of your shoot, you can go out for that night on the town afterward feeling absolutely fabulous. And after some champagne, you and your team won’t be able to stop talking about the amazing, full-body experience you all just had together.


Also your girls are there to be supportive while you do you wedding boudoir photo shoot as well!!

bachelorette parties2So my advice? We do bachelorette photo shoots in LA, San Fran, and Las Vegas (the latter is alway particularly wild! There’s just something about Vegas! Our resident photographer in Vegas, Heather, is a bachelorette-party photoshoot pro — and a kick-ass MMA fighter to add even more spunk to your shoot!) So have that maid-of-honor book a bachelorette, boudoir photo shoot with The Boudoir Cafe early in the afternoon — and spend the rest of the day, and night, being your sexy, pampered beautiful selves.