Here are some tips for your boudoir Valentine’s photo shoot

Tip #1…….Get your boyfriend or Hubby involved so he can pay for it!!  It has been shown that when the boys are involved it goes really well. I do not mean that they are in the actual shoot, I just mean that they seem to be into this entire process and it really keeps the interest up for both of you…. Or you could do a couples shoot…. Hmmmm, something to think about!

Tip #2….Book a shoot today so you can lose that extra 5 pounds you might have put on over Xmas… These shoots really make you conscious of getting back into shape and it is a little trick you can play on yourself to take that extra weight off. I mean if you book a boudoir shoot you have to start thinking about your outfits and how they fit.

So here is to an amazing 2015 and feeling sexy and fabulous at any get and time to flirt and be happy.