Well we had the most fabulous call a few weeks ago from an amazing husband and father that wanted to do something special for his wife. One of those Beverly Hills housewives that has everything!! Well he found us and the party began. Peter was a Dad and Husband and had this idea for his Wife that was really so speical that we had to write about it. He got it. He got this entire Boudoir , pampering, princess for a day thing. He also got the idea that he was going to pick his wife up after the shoot and take her to a nice dinner and then home hopefully to bed. He knew he was going to get photos of his wife and that she will look different than she had ever looked. That the 3 kids and the years of being a mom was going to be in the back ground. We were going to bring back her sexy and Peter was willing to pay for that. It was a spa boudoir day. Not going to a spa for a sauna and facial where you come home and want to cuddle down into bed because you are relaxed. No that is not this kind of a spa. This spa awakens the scenses and brings the sexiness back to the surface. This is a place that when you leave you want the experience to continue. And come back again and again. What better way of doing a spa day where you awakend your inner porn star or just your Vistoria Secret sensibilities!!! This girft is the top ten gifts for a woman for any occassion!!!