We had the total pleasure of being asked to help an animal rescue program called Shelter Hope . Dani the PR woman and co Founder of Shelter Hope was in a meeting to talk fund raising and the idea of calendar came up….Hey lets get naked and do a calendar for the rescue work we do!!! Well Dani said if there are going to be 12 naked girls posing with their animals for a calendar then I know the perfect people to shoot it for us!!!  That would be Cherie & Hedley. Next came the phone call….Dani was sweet and a bit shy to ask but as soon as I heard the premise I was in. Helping animals and 12 naked girls. Yes that is a great idea I am sure I said.

The stage was set…..After I had agreed to do the shoot the cast of characters that agreed to go naked for the good of saving lives started to come out. The list was actually amazing and super fun. We had Playboy bunnies and Playboy connected girls and the rest were just fabulous very accomplished girls!!! The list goes a bit like this. Kim Sills the Founder and well known for her Animal Activist activities. Devin Valesquez (https://twitter.com/devindevasquez) Centerfold and Playmate of the month as well as being married to the very famous & handsome Ron Moss of Soap Opera fame. They travel all over the world touring with Player the famed rock band of the late 70’s. Kira Reed Lorsch (https://twitter.com/kirareedtweets) was a Reporter/Producer for Playboy and now divides time between being spokesperson for The Thalians and her very well known husbands records company My Medical Records amongst other things. All the girls were uber amazing, fun, sweet and really loving and caring!! It is really soooo wonderful to meet such accomplished ladies that are so nice!!!

So it seems the Beverly HIlls Boudoir photography and charity goes together and we were thrilled to be able to make this wonderful fundraiser happen and meet all these incredible women!!!!