PORTRAIT FINALS_128Thats right…

We have a closet and you can raid it…

Get anything you want to make the coolest outfit ever whether it is for Boudoir, Glamour, Portraits, Sexy, Fetish, Sexy Fetish or Glam OR whatever you want to call it!!!…You can raid our closet and get that shoot you have always wanted to do……Experience being pampered, adored, loved and fussed over and feeling amazing at the end of it all and have an iconic image of yourself that you will LOVE forever!!!!

When you book with us we let u come over and look and reserve anything you want for the day!!! From head to toe we have it……


Pull out all the stops!!

Going back to our Roots!!!!!

If you are a girl or a transgender wanting to be a girl or you just want to feel sexy, we are your one stop shop.

Why stop at Boudoir!

 We have a closet full of sexy things from #lingerie to #eveninggowns, to help bring out your sexy.

We are full of ideas but if you have an idea we will try to execute it. Let’s talk about it. We live to be creative and have fun while we create that iconic image you have always craved.

We are thrilled to offer this service to add to your boudoir shooting experience.

Our #boudoircloset  is full of some of the most yummy, fabulous boudoir things and accessories — everything that your heart could ever desire!

Once you become our client, you can gain secret access to our closet and pick out some exotic — Dita Von Tease outfit or a Las Vegas showgirl theme — to a Lady Gaga over the top costume (she might have actually wore it, BTW) or a sexy Nicki Minaj hip-hop thing.

We are open to the fun and the excitement of creating that iconic , sexy, breathtakingly timeless image that you will love forever!


Cherie and Hedley