Weddings and Boudoir Photography Los Angeles….So why is this combination working so well and this trend is growing faster than anything I have seen for many years……About 75% of our girls that we see are getting married and this is well face it the most amazing gift that a Bride can give to a Groom on the wedding night. Or anytime for that matter. So get on board girls. It is one of the most memorable things you will ever do and you will have those images for a lifetime. Ask any 50 year old girl if they wish they would have done pics like this when they were 25-50 and they will all say the same thing. OMG yes wish I had done that. Bridal Boudoir Photography here in Los Angles is just about the most fun a girl can have. Read our yelp listings for Cheriefoto or The Boudoir Cafe. We are pleased to say we have a 5 star Yelp listing with over 60 reviews. These are for Weddings, Portraits and Boudoir…..So get with it and come in to see us and have the experieince of a lifetime…You will always remember the day you did these images….I promise…. We have the premier Boudoir photography studio in Beverly Hills…..So do something you have always wanted to do and treat yourself or better still get your guy to treat you!!!

I was looking through my computer and came across these great pics and wanted to share the images and the story….Enjoy the photo’s we took for Mary Grace from ~ These images were taken at our boudoir shoot before the wedding and I know her hubby was so thrilled when he saw the book we made for Mary Grace and him….She was not only beautiful but a very entreprenurial woman on a mission and she has successed in making a really kick ass bathing suit line. So girls check her out and the line as well…..Images for all her suits ~ Just Google Mary Grace Swim!!!!

Enjoy 2014 Wedding and Boudoir Season!!!