Hello Ladies and Gents!

I want to do a little blog on why you want to print you images.

Has anyone lost their phone?

Has anyone lost all their images?

Has anyone lost a disk?

Has anyone had a computer crash?

Has anyone had a hard drive crash?

That is why you need to print those very special prints and do them well and do them with great printers and have a pro do them for you!

It is not the same printing your images if you are not a pro.

This is what photographers do all day long and they know the ropes..

Also retouching and editing.

Please have the pro’s do it.

They also do them all day long!

I had a client that yes was in an evacuation area of Colorado and she grabbed the kids and the big prints that I had made for her!

These become very valuable heirlooms so lets get printing!

Making a little pet peeve post!

Trying to help!