Now that you have decided that this is what you really, really, really want to do, it’s time to look for that perfect photographer that will make this moment in time so magical that you will remember it and the photographer forever!

My opinion as a photographer is to look for a few things; first, choose photographers that are great at what they do! Is it a passion for them? Do they love women from what you can gather on their website, from what they write about and express?

Second and very important, look at the photographer’s skill set. Are they doing a lot of Photoshop?  Do they know how to light their sessions and be creative? There are a lot of photographers that “kind of shoot” very predicable shots and the lighting is not well thought out let alone skilled.

We obsess about lighting all the time. We’re known for it. Though I’m a woman, I would rather be in a camera lighting store than at the jewelry store at Neiman Marcus! I really mean it. Because setting mood with lights is my passion. My husband of course loves that about me!

Study who you are going to have this intimate experience with: Look up reviews, read them, understand them. Are the reviews basic? “So and So was great…” or, do they go into details about the day and the connection between them as the client and the photographer?  You need to look for those photographers who can build a good connection with their clients. That is what you want and truly need from your boudoir photographer!