Why every Woman needs to have a Boudoir Photo Shoot at least once in her Life

Boudoir photo sessions are about making you feel sexy and beautiful, so it would make sense that every woman needs to experience this at least once. Unfortunately in this day and age, women are made to feel that they must look a certain way by society standards but with boudoir, the real you is what makes the photos sexy, not what society says. Boudoir photographers are trained to know how to capture your best assets and angles and make you realize how beautiful you really are. A recent Boudoir client Yvette of Malibu said, “I think every woman should do this for herself! Talk about feeling empowered! It was worth every penny.”



In addition to feeling beautiful you should also have a boudoir photo session at least once in your life for these reasons:

  1. Encourages you to love yourself
  2. Its an excuse to buy cute and sexy lingerie
  3. It makes a great gift for the man in your life
  4. It will make you feel empowered
  5. You will have a memento of your true outer beauty


Boudoir sessions are also a great way to celebrate milestones in your life such a weight loss, engagement, marriage and even pregnancy. Pregnancy boudoir shoots are catching on more and more to help expectant mothers feel beautiful in their skin. So many pregnant women feel less attractive when they are pregnant but after a boudoir session they are reminded that they are sexy and beautiful and their pregnant bodies are not something to be ashamed of, but rather embraced and appreciated because it’s over in a blink of an eye.

Boudoir sessions are also a great gift for husbands and boyfriends. Leo of New Jersey received photos from his wife’s boudoir photo shoot and said “This is such a unique gift…just for me…and one that I will cherish and appreciate my entire life!” He was shocked to receive this gift because his wife is normally so shy in front of the camera but during her boudoir shoot she opened up and was able to be herself and feel comfortable and sexy.

Boudoir session are also a great idea for reminding mothers and hard working women that they are more than just business women and mothers, they are beautiful women with curves and sex appeal. Trang of Beverly Hills said, “They made me feel beautiful and glamorous in these pictures.  Not a working (9-5) mom!”

Photo shoots and boudoir sessions are not just for models, they are women wanting to feel empowered, sexy, glamorous, beautiful and confident and that is why every woman needs to book a session at least once in her life.

Also all men need to hear this as well. They need to buy this experience for their wives and girlfriends!! It might turn out to be the best gift ever for you and for your girl!