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Hello all! I hope you have had a wonderful and lovely week. I just wanted to share a piece of gifting advice for those special someones out there getting married: We recently did an interview with The Plunge, the #1 wedding planning website for men. We talked to them a little bit about boudoir photography, and why it’s a preeeetty good idea for their lady to do a boudoir shoot as a groom gift. So we just thought we’d let …

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Hi loves! As you know, father’s day is coming up this Sunday and I just wanted to do a special post in honor of the holiday. What could be a better gift for the daddy of your love-child than an intimate, boudoir photograph from The Boudoir Cafe? We all know pregnancy changes a woman’s body. Physically and emotionally, we are forever changed every single time we become pregnant. Remember that feeling in the last trimester? How you were just bloated, …

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