There are always things that look amazing on film and so I thought I would write this blog to explain how it works.

Certain props and attitudes have to come with you on the day of.

My first recommendation whoever you shoot with is to get professional make-up. Make-up artists are just that Artists. They spend their life thinking about how to make you beautiful and the best products and contouring, which is good for all of us — LOL.

Boudoir photography is all about being sexy and beautiful. So when you pick the photographer, make sure you feel comfortable with them and feel they can do for you what you want.

It is an experience like no other. I will transform you and make you feel like the sexy thing you were meant to feel. This is a gift for yourself and your partner. It will end up being the thing that is looked at the most by both of you, for years to come.

So when picking outfits for the photoshoot, the key is, “Do you feel sexy and beautiful in it?” Remember, an outfit could be “being nude” too. There are those women who totally feel sexy when nude and why not? We only live once. I love the nude photos I had taken of myself when I was young;  now that I am a much older age, I cherish those photos!

Red-soled shoes have now become the standard for boudoir photography. I know it is an investment, but, they really bring another dimension to the shoot. They tend to be very striking in photos as they are sleek and flattering to the leg. Yes! Stilettos, whatever the bottom of the shoe looks like, are a girl’s best friend.  And, the higher the heel the better! High heels will transform a a shorter leg into a long luxurious leg; YES again!Los Angeles Lux Boudoir

Stockings are really sexy as well…So kind of a must….

The right jewelry is something that can really add to the shoot, and make you feel great too. Usually, there are a few special pieces that girls have that have a particular meaning to them; those really are the pieces you want to bring along to the photoshoot.

If you are into music the way I am, then having YOUR music be a part of the session is a must! It gets you in the mood for love and sexiness and it is a great addition to any shoot.


Look at poses from pics that you like and be prepared to work, and work hard.

I cannot tell you how many girls that work out tell us at the end of the shoot that it was more than their workouts.

We actually have a Getting Ready Guide as well to make sure you have everything you need and feel totally confident coming to the shoot!

Cannot wait to see you in our studio!

Striking Boudoir Photography