Hello beautiful ladies (and gents!!)

Boudoir photography, along with bridal boudoir and pin-up photos, are spreading across California and waaaaaaaay beyond, with so many different styles of boudoir from classic pin-up style to glamorous to tease to kink, The Boudoir Cafe has made a name for itself in class, glamour, and a unique style that caters to every woman’s (and man’s) inner desires.

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A little bit more about us (if ya didn’t already know)… Boudoir photography, pin-up photos and bridal boudoir photography by The Boudoir Cafe of Beverly Hilla, California is a popular, professional boudoir, pin-up and bridal boudoir portrait photographers company serving a majority of the Cali area. We specialize in boudoir portrait photography, and strive to branch out in this genre. Our specialized team of boudoir photographers (including my partner Hedley and I) strive to give a classic pin-up and boudoir look with every photography session, but also look to create a special look based on your body type, level of comfort, and the poses you feel the most beautiful in. It is our professional, Boudoir Cafe ~ boudoir portrait photography that gives women a personal, boudoir look into their most feminine, beguiling side. From noir to sexy to tease and beyond, we capture your inner boudoir girl in every boudoir portrait photography session.

We do so many lovely services here at The Boudoir Cafe, that it understandably makes a lot of people’s head spin. That’s why I decided to create this helpful little list of commonly asked questions! Below, you should find a list of answers that me, my partner Hedley, and my team are more than happy to provide just for you.


Q. Do we provide the lingerie for the boudoir shoot?

A: No we do not provide lingerie for hygienic reasons. But we do provide hats, boas, and other props for our clients — including shoes, so you can show off those sexy long legs of yours! We encourage you to bring lingerie that you feel your most beguiling in — or you can bring a few of your outfits, and we can help you chose the best ones!

Q. Will we travel anywhere to do a boudoir shoot?

A: Yes, I and the team members do travel outside of Los Angeles for boudoir photography sessions. (Including Paris, France! See previous blog posts…) There would be a travel fee depending on the destination. But, keep in mind that we already do have studios and luxury hotel rooms to shoot in not only in LA, but in San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Q.  Will someone help me with posing? I really have no idea what to do!

A: We will help you pose through the whole shoot. We will have an interview session beforehand, asking you what body parts you like most about yourself; and which ones your partner (if you are doing this for a special someone) likes. We will ask you what ways your body feels most comfortable, and most beautiful. In addition, we also have a pose guide which can help you practice before the day of the shoot upon request. We are here to help you through every step of your photography session. Posing is different for every body shape and you will be guided for all your best angles and features. Every body shape and feature is beautiful in its own unique way, and we are here to help create a stunning photograph catered to your unique frame, personality, and general fabulousness.


Q: How much does the boudoir photography session cost?

A: The Boudoir Photo session in Los Angeles is a lifetime experience and an investment, one that will change your life. Feeling beautiful, sexy and capturing your inner goddess through photography is priceless.

We offer boudoir packages to suit everyone’s needs. These packages start at $295.00 and go up from there.

(If you’re looking for something a little bit more adventurous, and mermaid–esque, underwater boudoir photo shoots are an additional $150.00)

For estimates on any other sultry, creative photo shoot you’re thinkin’ up — just contact us and one of our fabulous Boudoir Cafe team members will work through it with you.

Q: I really want to keep my photos private, for professional reasons. Can you assure this happens?

A: Of course! We will only have your photos online with your written permission first. We understand boudoir photos are intimate, and oftentimes not-safe-for-work. We are a professional company, and you are a professional person, and we always make sure that your photos are kept private.

Q: And what about spray tans, weight loss, and other things I want to do to my body to make it look perfect? Or what if I feel uncomfortable?

A: Listen, your body looks perfect already. You, as a person, are beautiful. Spray tans (especially in boudoir photoshoots) end up looking streaky. Your weight, as you are, is already perfect. The purpose of boudoir is to unleash your inner sex goddess, as you already are. If you are afraid of any blemishes, we have poses (and photo retouching, see below) that will take care of it, no need to worry. We will have a personal consultation and interview session with you to determine exactly how you want to look in your breathtaking boudoir photographs.

As for feeling uncomfortable, we work our hardest to make sure you not only feel comfortable — but feel your most beautiful in front of the camera, and in front of our Boudoir Cafe team. You are more than welcome to bring a friend with you to help you feel even more comfortable during the shoot.

Q. If I want the photographs and other finished product at a certain date after the shoot, how far in advance should I book to make sure I have them on time?

A: Boudoir Photo Sessions usually book one to two weeks  in advance. Weekends book sooner than week days – so if you are interested in a date soon or for a particular deadline like a wedding gift or engagement gift, please book as much in advance as possible.

Q. Do I do my own Hair and Makeup?

A: You don’t have to! Upon request (when booking your shoot) we provide hair and makeup services at your shoot. We have a great, professional makeup and hair artiste ready to enhance your already beautiful self for your boudoir photography session. It only takes a 1-2 hours at most. The fee for hair and make-up depends on how many looks you will be doing.

Q. Are the images I like Photoshopped at all and how does that work?

A: Yes! At Boudoir Cafe, we provide custom retouching for the photo images of your choice. We will go through the images after your shoot, and you will hand-pick the ones you like best; and the parts of you would like retouched.

(Pssst…. Considering a Boudoir Cafe session (and why shouldn’t you)? Take a look around our site at theboudoircafe.com for some examples of our gorgeous photos. And to view other photography work by me and my team take a peak at cheriefoto.com.)