Here at The Boudoir Café, we are very excited that through our photography we also work on empowering the women that we shoot. We know that most of the photos on our website look like models but the truth is they are just regular women of all backgrounds and sizes!!  From start to finish we pamper our clients make them feel totally beautiful. From our expert makeup artists to picking the finished very high end products it is all a really amazing experience. Look forward to being adored and loved!! We are considered some of the best boudoir photographers in LA — BTW!

From the moment you enter our studio it is another world of playing and dress-up and fun!!

We have a lot of very fun and exciting accessories and beautiful lighting and sets.

We have an amazing guide for getting ready for your shoot and lots of info on where to shop and how to get ready. Once in the studio we are experts at helping you put the outfits together. We also have a lingerie store in Beverly Hills that has the greatest lingerie for shooting and we are happy to go shopping with you!

We make custom packages for all our clients so that you get exactly what you have dreamed of getting from Italian books to large prints to digital files. This is the part that we love the most making something so special for you that you cannot live without it. Also your partners will love that you did this. We love it when women come in and want to do it for themselves but in the end showing friends and lovers is always fun!

Our policy on privacy is tight so no fear of any images going anywhere they should not go. We shoot a lot of people from Hollywood and this is a big issue so rest assured that is covered.

Contact us to get the party started!


P.S.  We also do all kinds of intimate portraits, personal portraits and weddings!