Helping Women Rediscover Themselves

Picture this: You are a woman over 40 you have two kids and your body does not feel like your body anymore. Everything is falling in all the wrong places. Gravity is starting to take over. You don’t love yourself and are just not feeling loved anymore either. Your confidence is at an all-time low.

Well,  you are a perfect candidate for the Boudoir Café. At the #BoudoirCafé, we are equipped to takeaway all of your fears. Every woman comes in with fear. It’s a natural condition and it’s shared by all — especially when it comes to our bodies. Men and women alike, we all seem to fear there’s something out of place. But nothing can build our confidence better than being able look at ourselves in the mirror and see something “beautiful.”  And, then, to learn to say and truly feel, “I look beautiful!”

At the #BoudoirCafé, we become the mirror. You start to see yourself through our eyes. With fabulous make-up and hair, and sexy lingerie, we pamper you and wait on you hand and foot, offer you champagne and prove to you how beautiful you are. We bring back your confidence. We touch that part of your soul that reminds you that you are a beautiful woman, just as you are.

Take the first step. Call Cherie.

She will be sure to give you the permission you need to do this “something very special,” for you!