Many women have concerns and fears when trying to decide to book a boudoir session or pass. These fears are very common and unfortunately, cause many women to miss out on this amazing experience which can change the way you feel about yourself. One of the things boudoir photographers hear most from boudoir clients “Every woman should experience this at least once in their lifetime!” They also get many repeat clients because after their first session, they have put those fears and concerns to rest and want this photo experience more than once. Talk about feeling beautiful, having so much fun and at the end having some amazing, iconic images for the rest of your life! Think about being 30 years old and then one day being 60 years old and the joy of looking back on the day that you did that boudoir shoot!

Let’s look at some of the most common concerns that I hear from girls who feel a little skeptical and let’s put those fears to rest!

“I am not comfortable with my flaws.” 

Let’s face it, we all have flaws! Not a No one is perfect but then again we are all perfect.  There is no such thing as too heavy, too thin, too pale, too dark, too many stretch marks, etc. Our flaws are what makes us unique. And you are ALL equally beautiful! I have flaws myself, and I can assure that I am that last one to judge any female for anything they see as a flaw. I see you as a strong badass woman who is gorgeous in her own way. I see you as a client therefore, I will go above and beyond to listen to you and help guide you the whole process while focusing on your best assets.

“I won’t know how to pose properly.” 

Listen up ladies! As a professional boudoir photographer, I do my research. You do not need to know how to pose, it’s my job to pose you! I will direct you through the whole process all the way down to the way you tilt your head and where to place your hand. I will help you with the poses with you and physically move your hands, arms, legs, etc. if needed. It is a team effort and we are in this together. All you need to do is show up and let me handle the rest. You may come into the session feeling a little stiff and awkward but, gradually you will become more and more comfortable with each pose. You do not need to be a professional model to have a boudoir session!

“I’m afraid I won’t like the photos of myself.”

This concern usually stems from the above two concerns. Being afraid that your flaws and inability to know how to properly pose will ruin your images. No one wants to look awkward, uncomfortable, or have their flaws put on display and captured on camera. I take great pride in my services and work. I want you to look beautiful and FEEL beautiful when you see your photos! I want you to be satisfied and enjoy your experience. And that’s why I will work tentatively with you to make sure we get the perfect poses and expressions that highlight everything beautiful about you!

A boudoir session is such a wonderful experience! They allow you to see yourself in a way that maybe you refuse to yourself, beautiful and sensual and just plain awesome! I want my clients to be pleased and blown away when they see their images and be proud that they decided to go through with it. Please do not let these fears and concerns from having this experience yourself. You will NOT regret it! You will remember this day forever…..And BTW Las Vegas Boudoir Photo Shoots are the best of the best!